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Among the conditions that can affect the Great Dane is bloat, a condition in which the stomach expands with air.
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In its first week of release, the album entered the Oricon Albums Chart at number one with over two million units sold.
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Bonnie follows a vegetarian diet.
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In order to make the journey between this life and the next, the Egyptians held that vital cultural memorabilia and, above all, the Ren, through the same ceremonies that invoke the Khu, could be preserved.
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In addition, the Oxford English Dictionary refers to transsexual as "having physical characteristics of one sex and psychological characteristics of the other" and "one whose sex has been changed by surgery.
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We'll have to let go of Jules, but that doesn't mean we need to say farewell to the actress who plays her.
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Schott of the Peterson Institute for International Economics notes that members of successful trade blocs usually share four common traits:
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