Why the piranha is considered the most predatory fish of the Amazon?

I have a home aquarium with piranhas and I know that in the Amazon there are creatures worse.

However, piranha holds a leading position in danger…

because for a moment from the victim no choice but skillet…and because they are very voracious…

potomy chto esli bydet dostatochno mnogo ih (staika) — to ot cheloveka mogyt based kostochki ostat’sa. za schitannie sekyndi obglodyat .( naskolko ya znau)

And who in Amazon more predator (besides man)? There are sharks, but they are not as dangerous. Without sores is possible to swim among piranhas — have seen it many. The sharks are there enough rare.

Among the most dangerous freshwater fish — piranhas of the genus Serrasalmus and Pydocentrus. They live in a wide, slowly flowing rivers of South America and attack any living creature, regardless of size. In 1981 in ábidos, Brazil, killing 300 people stranded in the water in a shipwreck


Piranhas-the legendary fish. For example, James Cameron, Director of such films as “Titanic,” “Terminator,” “True lies,” also had a hand in the murderous image of these fish is his second independent film called “Piranha 2: the spawning” (1981). Not talking about regular ordinary people – scary stories about ogladania to the bones of animals still walk in the world. But in vain… Legends all. I’ll try to debunk them.

Let’s start with the fact that most of these piranhas over 50 species and more than half of them regular vegetarians. More precisely – fructarians – feed on fallen fruit in the water of tropical plants. And because these fruits are quite hard, and then come in handy sharp teeth and powerful jaw of the bulldog.

There are piranhas farmers – they feed exclusively on fins “wards” of the fish. Those they still a couple of weeks to re-grow – here’s a new food.

But of course they are not world famous. World-famous for their predatory relatives. Is a piranha an ordinary, or as the Indians call it – “red”. Indeed, swarms of these the medium-sized, almost round fish (up to half a meter in length) can in a matter of minutes to break any animal trapped in the water. But such activity is directed only wounded – but the blood and splashing water excites the piranha. And so they hunt for small fishes, which form the basis of their diet. People they rarely attacked – what are they, suicidal? The Indians are not afraid to swim in waters that are literally teeming with these creatures. Even the children enjoy splashing under their noses. However, caboclos very upset when they removed the network – instead of a fish they often hang out only gnawed by piranhas lumps. And network, including durable nylon, trimmed as if by shears. But the only fish that can really scare the aborigine is a little slippery toothless, half-blind, catfish — Kadir. Very much he likes to live in warm. Warm bodies – creeps, sorry, anus, and people, and animals. And then digging in – he’s like a lump was there to push and back – only with a surgeon…

Oh well, back to the piranhas.

I thought that in the Amazon in their afternoon with fire not find – as we bear in the woods, but no! Cost to cast the line with a piece of meat as bait and a half hour to beat her end in the water (simulating the sound of falling water in the animal is the piranha, in contrast to other fish – excellent hearing) – as you – a real piranha. White. True – Malek. And the truth is not from me, but from a neighbor. And then at the neighbor, but already an adult. The main thing it caught, immediately take the right – as shown in the photo to the fingers not to lose. And the Indians generally in her hands take only after machete to stun. We are not Indians, licenses for fishing piranhas with us, too no – you have to let go of the prey at will, otherwise the fine is for poaching.

Do not worry — instead of living fish as a souvenir from Amazon You can get dried and varnished piranha, but this is the one resembling a roach. But more interesting to purchase native American mask, the mouth of which is necessarily framed by small jaw with very sharp teeth. Teeth and marked the beginning of bloody legends.

By the way, I tried in an Indian village fried piranha Tasty, only so many bones…

P. S. And here’s another legend – it is said that piranhas do not distinguish between black. So don’t attack fish with black scales. Just in case advise if You will be diving in the Amazon – put on your suit is just black. And then suddenly, the legend is not a legend…

they are very voracious and swim in packs, they eat in 60 seconds wild bore to the bone chip in the structure of their jaws are shaped like a triangle and cute fish literally pulled pieces of meat from the victim’s body and they are very small and agile… very original animals))

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