What is the most dangerous fish in the world and where she lives?

The puffer fish

So called the whole family of puffer fishes. Combine them two factors: the extreme toxicity and the glory of one of the most famous Japanese dishes.

These fish are very tender and tasty meat, which for centuries has become a favorite national delicacy. But there are the liver, skin or eggs is deadly, because even a crumb of these tissues contains a deadly dose of toxin that causes muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest.

Only chefs are highly qualified, specially trained and have an official certificate, you can cook this dish. They can clean up poisonous fish to extract only safe meat. But, despite all precautions, every year several people are killed and dozens are in hospital. The most famous victim of Mitsugoro Bandeau Eighth, living national treasure of Japan (not live), the world famous theater of Kabuki.

I wonder what enterprising Japanese farmers have learned to grow a secure version of Blowfish. But caught on innovation: the chefs protested, not wanting to lose lucrative and rare profession, and also fans of dangerous Goodies. Devoid of any risk, this dish immediately lost the lion’s share of its appeal.

Catfish Candiru

Catfish or Candiru, also known as vandellia ordinary, is a small, not scary-looking fish. It has a narrow, long and thin body, semi-transparent, which is’t exactly do a u visible in the water. Catfish can reach a length of 10-15 centimeters, but most do not fish more matches. They live in the Amazon.

It would seem, than can hurt these freshwater fish? Can, and very much so… That fish smell finds the victims, taken them to the gills, sated with blood and sweat easy to get out. The problem is that the food they are looking for the smell of ammonia, which is also found in human urine. As a result, these vampires are quite get into the urethra or other body orifices bathed person. First she, as planned, begins to drink blood (it hurts, you can believe it), but to get out can not and dies.

To get them back is possible only surgically. The locals, however, use less radical method: inject the juice of some plants that kill fish, but sometimes this method kills the human host.


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The largest catfish that has been caught

You may have seen stunningly beautiful footage of the lifting of the shooting, where these graceful fish (close relatives of the sharks, by the way), or swim, or fly to the depths of the sea. Perhaps at this point you even wanted to be next to them, to his eyes to look at this majestic sight. I do not advise…

The fact that these elegant diamond-shaped bottom corner excessively elongated and ends with a spectacular sting a bone, solid, notched and even poisonous. They don’t attack just like that, only in order sagety or from fright, when they come careless tourists, but such cases are, unfortunately, not unique. If you are lucky, the spike will pierce the hand or leg, then you just get off the hellish pain and a week or two in a local hospital, but getting into the trunk will end in death.

Most often on slopes tripping scuba divers, fishermen or simply bathers. These fish know how to hide, completely burying in the sand, but if to step on them, then we can expect the impact spike. Fish not out of malice, she just responds…

By the way, and killed the famous Steve Irwin is a journalist, presenter and naturalist from Australia. He was filming another show about dangerous inhabitants of the ocean and one of them met a little closer than I wanted…

The stonefish

See the fish? But it’s there… Because as many of the most dangerous fish, the stonefish – master of camouflage. She has a tight slightly elongated body, dark color, covered with numerous protuberances, warts and spots. But its main danger lies not in this, and in 12 short and sharp thorns along its spine.

These spikes are able to pierce even shoes unlucky diver, if he stepped on the fish, not noticing her among the rocks, and make it very difficult, even with appropriate experience. She masterfully hides in the coral reefs, partly burrowing into the ground, and then detect them on the background of the underwater landscape is almost impossible.

If the person is not her, that is just a few hours to get him to a hospital. Can help tight tourniquet, temporarily overlapping the bloodstream. But many die on the spot from painful shock or drowning in water.

By the way, close relatives of the fish-stone, lionfish (lionfish), a little walk on them in structure and toxicity, but used a completely different tactic: don’t hide between the rocks and float freely in the water, putting off his fins-feathers. Only a very brave or foolish predator would venture to taste it.

White shark

And finally, the most dangerous fish, predatory Queen of all the seas and oceans – the great white shark. It can be found in all (except the Arctic ocean, of course) the world’s oceans.

What may end an encounter with this toothy beast, know every. It is interesting that, apparently, they’re not going to attack the person, just accept him for his original catch – turtles, seals and other marine mammals, but this does not prevent her to taste and unfamiliar delicacy.

As a rule, a person dies from a painful shock, loss of blood or drowning.

The image of the white shark as a ruthless predator appeared with the direct participation of Peter Benchley and Steven Spielberg, who directed the movie “Jaws”. Then the world was seized with mass hysteria, which passed for the white shark and other species for nothing. Now she is on the verge of extinction, and if the combined efforts of animal welfare activists will not succeed, in a few years they will lose the world of these perfect killers.

The sea is beautiful. Sea threat. We can admire the beauty of their inhabitants, with bated breath, watch their bizarre and mysterious life, but one should always remember that the person is under water – only guest, and the guest unwelcome.

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