Want fishing for predatory fish

We decided to go fishing on predatory fish. Where the usual predatory fish?

In the rivers and lakes are found everywhere. And in ponds everywhere, because artificial reservoirs found that fish that are bred there.

What we need fishing to catch predatory fish?

Predatory fish whimsical. She is caught is not the same throughout the year. Intensive feeding begins before spawning and from August until the first frosts. The rest of the time, the predator can also be caught, but very gently and mildly.

For catching of a predator on the rivers and lakes used a spinning rod and artificial bait. Among them the leaders of jigs and wobblers. Depending on the season of to catch a predator selects one or the other bait. If intensive feeding on almost any bait you can catch fish, at other times, lures are selected experimentally.

But for this you must have a whole Arsenal of lures. If the predator is very active and irritable, very good work lures citric, almost acid colors, if the predator is in the normal state average of irritation, the natural color is selected bait fish, which chinkaras in this pond.

In the summer when it’s hot, the predator, like people do not experience a strong appetite, you should use bait more small size and pursue them aggressively, but slowly. And in the period of George the opposite – the lure should be larger and brighter.

Are there any features of the catching of predatory fish?

The feature is that if the white fish we lures to the tackle, predatory fish we go ourselves. Looking along the shore to the place of its ambush. Predatory fish are hiding in the snags, in the grass or at the edges on the boundary of the flow and standing water.

How to determine there are any fish in snags or in a particular place in the grass?

You need to make a few casts with different baits. First fishing need to know the mood of the fish. The degree of aggressiveness can be determined by trying different lures. Rarely are situations that the fish do not bite, and this happens mostly in the summer when the pike changes teeth. The people have a saying: “June – the fish spit”. This primarily applies to pike. But for other predatory fish (perch, Chub, ASP), and pause on the bite may have only a strong heat, when the amount of oxygen in water is very low and the fish sluggish and unable to respond to bait at all.

If there is no response, then either no fish, or the fish are lethargic and unwilling to feed. Then we need to change the place of dislocation.

There are fishing, what a day has to go along the river a few kilometers before you find the predator. Spinning fishing because it takes more sporty character. In this situation, the excitement is associated with the searching of the predator, rather than to the amount of the catch.

How to choose the right spinning?

Spinning is selected depending on the place where you want to go fishing. The choice of rod depends on the depth of the reservoir. For a beginner it is recommended that a standard spinning reel with the casting 5-25 (weight in grams stick baits).

Over time and with experience, the fisherman will form the list of fishing rods that he wants to use, because in sale there are a variety of casting and spinning rods length (if from the shore, then longer, but if from a boat, shorter).

Is features selection of silicone baits and crank?

While fisherman-novice will not learn how to throw the bait and do the posting, a feature one: buy inexpensive jigs. There will be breaks and hooks – they cannot be avoided. So buy a cheap silicone, so as not to spoil the mood of fishing loss of expensive lures.

What else we can learn fishing on predatory fish?

There are many sorts of fishing tricks-set, but the main for fisherman-beginner is things like small scissors (to cut, to cut fishing line), a knife just in case, zevnik to keep the open mouth predator, and a device for removing the treble hooks (hooks) from the jaws of a predator.

The rest will come to you later. In the process of fishing you will understand specifically what you need. Do not forget to buy a set of leads for pike. Doubly it would be a shame to lose not only the bait but also of the predator, if you by inexperience forget to tie a fishing line or cord leash.

What advice can you give to freshman who will go fishing for a predatory fish?

Recalling his first fishing trip on the predator, I wish the spinning-beginner only one thing: to lose less lures and catch as many fish as possible.

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