Undemanding species of aquarium fish.

Aquarium with live fish is a great way to decorate the interior, make it cozy. The inhabitants of this island of water in the house is quite calm, for them it is interesting to observe such therapy allows you to relax, and in some cases helps to treat nervous disorders. Therefore, it can be argued that the fish tank is not only beautiful but also useful.

Given the fact that the water people are living beings, you need to understand that they should properly care to meet their needs in full.

Undemanding species of aquarium fish

Guppies – the most common type. They multiply quickly and easily this can take place directly in the aquarium, these representatives are viviparous. Variegated fins of males are color attracts attention, so they can be considered a decoration of the aquarium. The only requirement is the separation of males and newborns, as older fish can eat the offspring. After the kids grow up, they can return to the aquarium to be an adult.

Zebrafish is a beautiful striped aquarium inhabitants. which gather in flocks and move in unison within the vessel. Small individuals themselves are inconspicuous, but the team look very impressive, so nucleosomal several such families. To protect Pets from ill-considered step, should cover the tank with glass to prevent the desire of fish to jump out. You also need to take care of the purity of water and glass.

Neon is a schooling fish that eat everything they are given. There is no fear that tap water may contain chlorine or other chemicals: this will bring calm in such conditions. Even if the owners forget to feed these little aquatic people, they will not suffer much, but instead will take the hunger.

Gourami is a peaceful fish that live in the pack. They will coexist with the above mentioned types, so you can settle them in one house. There are spotted, marbled gourami, each variety is unique, with sunlight these specimens fluoresce, it looks very nice.

Angelfish is a large aquarium residents, they can reach a length of 15 cm. the Main condition of their content – this roomy aquarium. The meat of these animals are unpretentious, but slow, so it’s best not to keep them with high-speed counterparts. Sometimes you want to pamper Pets live food, it will restore their vitality.

Speckled catfish is whiskered fish that live in the pack, they are non-aggressive and calm. But you should know that they are more active at night and during the day rest or swim along the bottom. Catfish – centenarians, with it, they can exist at very low temperature water, but to experiment and test their endurance is not worth it. You can place such individuals in a small aquarium, they will survive in untreated water, as staunchly deterioration of conditions of existence. Fish owners must remember that it is living beings who want to live in a comfortable environment. You should regularly change the water for their Pets, feed them quality food, provide a reliable level of aeration of the aquarium. Catfish it is advisable to place in a container with a volume of over 40 l, on the bottom pour the soil. All fish love the sun, heat and vegetation, dry or live food.

Cichlids have become very common in home aquaria because of its various color, different shape and is not the same size. Favorite activity of these fish is to undermine the ground on the bottom of the aquarium, so be prepared for the fact that plants in Your aquarium will not be much. To ensure that fish were able to achieve a natural size, they need enough space – so the main condition for the maintenance of cichlids. But stale water for them – “the ultimate dream”, so if You do not get time to change it, nothing bad will happen, Vice versa.

Some people deny themselves the pleasure of having an aquarium because they fear for the life and comfort of their Pets, they can forget about their responsibilities, and the fish may die.

Help to get out of this situation undemanding species that require minimum attention.

The same fauna would be appropriate in that case, if the living area in the house require children, and to deny them is impossible.

Naturally, it should happen that the fish will eventually cease to interest, and the hostess will have to care for them.

Video: popular aquarium fish cichlids apistogramma Apistogramma.

For it is not difficult this duty is, if the inhabitants will be very modest in their demands. Thus, it is possible to deliver a holiday to children and give them the opportunity of someone to take care of.

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