Trophy fishing fish

Kharkiv has a very long wait for the appearance of the pond, where possible, would be trophy fishing fish, but so far without much success. The fact is that still true enthusiast. prepared long and hard to work in the field of cultivation of this culture of carpfishing with all the attributes of trophy fishing for carp or grass carp. carp in the end, which brought the case and put on stream trophy fishing. I am not on your Nelly not want to offend anyone, but from all bodies of water, claiming the title trophy fishing fish in the Kharkiv region, all of them have those or other disadvantages. For this trophy carp fishing, among other things, necessary and appropriate trophy fish pond, and karpyatnikam need appropriate operational space.

Briefly analyze carpfishing reservoirs of Kharkov: in the Green grove is too small a water surface and water depth – so the full will be placed on the pond probably only a few teams carpatica and classic pandemonium at the pond turns into a competition carpfishing how to get the snap-in carp on the head, Yurchenkova still would be nice to grow the population themselves trophies before you can claim the title trophy fishing fish baranovo owner has bothered to raise, and techniquebased classic pond for fishing, Bobrovka is also something similar, Conradi shamelessly broken ,others known to me the waters were far from carpfishing. Once again, I apologize for criticizing the owners of the waters, because I understand how hard it is nowadays to contain livestock and fish as the fishermen themselves ungrateful towards those the efforts made by the owners for the maintenance of ponds, and I understand them. many people are already tired. But trophy fishing fish for their image requires the organization not for a year or two, and a couple-three decades, it is no wonder that patience comes to an end earlier than the present begins carpfishing alas.

Pond “Cranes” trophy fishing as the fish has every chance of becoming carpfishing pond Kharkov and the most important asset – non-greedy and stay late master, huge water mirror, decent depth and excellent shore – I mean large pond. In addition, the pond “Cranes” accidentally got a decent number of trophy fish in so to speak the start. So background – initial conditions. just one small thing – dozen second, to podkalivat and voila carpfishing-in Kharkov. Have the patience to master – You and lucky is not enough – the fate something similar to that I have just described the water. Alas, in Ukraine the start of the project is not half done and not even a quarter, profitable and successful projects very often involve either a complete decline, or another soap bubble, so to be or not to be project “Trophy fishing fish — pond “Cranes”” this ocheeeen the big question. But back to the description of water bodies – because the project consists of two reservoirs – a large currently closed to fishing pond and a small pond with certain rules of fishing and the behavior and already open to fishermen, but not the trophy pond.

Around the shore of a small pond with comfortable wooden pergola with protection from rain and two benches and a table. The gazebo is included in the cost of fishing. The approach to the water mirror is a handy and gentle, playing fish and podsazhivanie. The placement of sectors and pavilions on the shore is pretty well thought out and sector. more anglers in the sectors do not interfere with each other. The shore no vegetation and the only salvation from the heat on a hot summer day is either a gazebo or tent or umbrella that is not very pleasing to the bulk of the fishermen. The shore of the reservoir – mold with all the ensuing consequences – a little rain and mud are incredible, and when you consider that around the pond “Cranes” primer, and want to drive it (at the time of our stay on the pond), you have to drive a decent stretch of road on black earth frankly a dirt road, then you need to carefully study the weather forecast before going fishing. However, the owner of the pond your tractor, which pulled out of the mud without difficulty.

Concerning the amount of silt in the reservoir and status of pond – this silt soil may not be enough – it very much, but the bottom of the reservoir is quite a relief – after all, in origin, pond is a flooded ravine — hence snags on the bottom and the terrain drops – the fish is good and the fisherman — chess. More information can be understand with a video and more particularly about the small pond to write and nothing. A large pond is another matter.

The waterfront is the steep slopes of the ravine and that it was possible to drive the vehicle, a bulldozer was organized by the road around the pond, supposed to be covered with gravel. The size of the reservoir is best suited as trophy fishing fish – big pond “Cranes” will enable the trophy to be dispersed, and be organized zahrajte areas and in sandy shallows and deep water areas are good for fish and karpychev. At the time of our stay on the pond no breakdown of sectors neither pavilions nor understanding of the sectors have not been, and the fishing should begin only next year, so you can watch the video and wait for the opening trophy fishing fish — pond “Cranes” in the next season. Hopefully, by this time the road around the pond and to the pond you can comfortably move not only on loiste.

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