Treats from the deep sea

Not necessarily to live by the sea to clear the sea delicacies. A special taste of that with nothing to confuse, has crab meat, squid tentacles, mussels, laminaria and many other creatures and plants of the ocean depths. Beautifully arrange and serve these fabulous products need to be able to each owner.

Along with cheese. meat. fish plate is huge popularity and marine plate. Since then, as the wide spread of Japanese cuisine, sushi, rolls, sashimi and other seafood are the main holiday dishes of today. How to make beautiful and serve the deep Goodies?

Simple meals

The simplest is interestingly laid out on a platter of boiled or marinated shrimp, crabs, different shells, tentacles of squid and tiny octopus. For this, it is quite a large dish, put salad leaves, and the entire surface is beautifully laid out above specialties. Between them are placed the gravy boat with soy sauce or any other spicy Japanese or Korean spices, figuratively chopped vegetables and herbs.

The appearance of sea inhabitants are so unusual that collecting one dish several such representatives, You, without any additional ornaments and austere, krasivoe.zvonite it. Why are only small octopus or whole cooked shrimp.

Don’t forget about sushi and rolls – to date there is no man who ever ate these Japanese dishes. If You don’t know how to cook them yourself, you can order from the Japanese restaurant and the rolls to lay out a beautiful applique. Or prepare themselves, and then the appearance of the food will depend on your imagination.

In order to attract the attention of the guests to the table, get dishes of unusual shapes. In the form of shells, fish, starfish or twisted in a circle. Even the most simple foods laid out on this dish, will not go unnoticed.

Complex compositions

If You have enough free time, then it is possible to prepare complex, the stunning beauty of its meals, which all look with admiration and did not dare to destroy the integrity of the masterpiece.

Table decoration for the holiday is not only a beautiful supply of products for the food, the delicacies can also be in the glasses. Prepare a cocktail of little pieces, putting together a marine life, pour on top of one of the favorite sauces and along the edge lay the lemon or lime, peeled prawns with tails intact or whole and intact chitin.

We should also mention mussels and sea urchins. Themselves are very tasty, they are often served on their own. But do not rush to throw out the remaining shells and shells, because they will be able to serve You again in the form of unusual saucers. In half shells are arranged salads, and not necessarily from the deep delights, but it is better to keep the harmony and seashells to put marine life.

What goes well with seafood

As a rule, marine life serves, or boiled, or pickled, or even raw. They must be accompanied by sauces. You can think of any, but, best of all, refer to the centuries-old experience of Eastern peoples, and borrow from them for decades perfected the recipes of sauces. Moreover, most of the sauces are sold in finished form, so as to cook them yourself is extremely difficult.

Don’t forget the pickled ginger. What’s it used for? Once You have itprobably, for example, pickled mackerel, raw scallop taste will seem more fresh. And in order to emphasize the taste of each individual piece, between different specialities need to eat a small slice of ginger. Its spicy taste, he puts the flavor and aroma of the meals eaten before, and therefore every type of product in the process of eating, blooming in full glory.

Well combined and the greens with all the delicacies of the deep. Moreover, not only the traditional dill and parsley, and seaweed. Several specific taste is sea Kale (canned and fresh), sea grapes and kelp. If Your environment is respect and love these plants – be sure to submit them to the table. The rich taste and aroma will give Your table a sense that those present are on the ocean. Seaweed can be garnish the dish on the rim, lay in a pyramid or paint them a sort of strange trees.

Seafood is a great variety that it is worth to pay more attention to them and enjoy a meal consisting exclusively of the inhabitants of the deep. A specialized boutique that sells alcoholic beverages, will advise You which Beers and wines are best in tune with these kinds of products. Your table will become a unique perfection, and hardly anyone from friends will ever be able to surprise and delight guests.

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