Who golubiy balistol

Hollywood movies taught us to fear sharks and giant octopuses, but actually clash with these monsters for any diver is less likely than, for example, receiving an Oscar for a film about these creatures. Much more likely to suffer from such fish as golubiy balistol ( Balistoides viridescens ), he’s a titan triggerfish .

In the family synorogenic ( Ballistidae . eng. – triggerfish ), about 40 species of fish, but our hero stands out by the combination of considerable size (up to 75 cm, 10 kg) and aggressive behavior towards divers. underwater hunters and snorkelers.


Triggerfish lives in lagoons or on outer slopes of reefs. Usually, the fish lives alone or in pairs. It feeds on some kinds of corals, starfish, sea urchins, snails, bivalves, and algae.

To catch prey balistol can release a jet of water from its mouth to rake the sand or turn over large blocks of stone, if he knows that there sits the potential victim.

The causes of aggressive behavior

It should be understood that you have the guts, he will not. Even hunting for small fish is not part of his plans, not to mention the huge carcass, often dressed in a tasteless suit . Continue reading

What is the most dangerous fish in the world and where she lives?

The puffer fish

So called the whole family of puffer fishes. Combine them two factors: the extreme toxicity and the glory of one of the most famous Japanese dishes.

These fish are very tender and tasty meat, which for centuries has become a favorite national delicacy. But there are the liver, skin or eggs is deadly, because even a crumb of these tissues contains a deadly dose of toxin that causes muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest.

Only chefs are highly qualified, specially trained and have an official certificate, you can cook this dish. They can clean up poisonous fish to extract only safe meat. But, despite all precautions, every year several people are killed and dozens are in hospital. The most famous victim of Mitsugoro Bandeau Eighth, living national treasure of Japan (not live), the world famous theater of Kabuki.

I wonder what enterprising Japanese farmers have learned to grow a secure version of Blowfish. But caught on innovation: the chefs protested, not wanting to lose lucrative and rare profession, and also fans of dangerous Goodies. Devoid of any risk, this dish immediately lost the lion’s share of its appeal. Continue reading

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