Dwelling fish

The fish lives in the water. Once the water is different in composition: fresh, sea, brackish sea. And the fish are conventionally divided “place of residence”.

Marine fish

Live in marine salt water. There are approximately 000 species of 11.6. They are divided into living in the water column (pelagic) – anchovies, mackerel, Bonito; living in the surface layers of the ocean – tuna, flying fish; bottom – stingrays, flounder, sculpin. There are also fish that live in coastal waters.

Freshwater fish

They live in fresh water: rivers, lakes, ponds. There are about 8 000 species.

Diadromous fishes

The so-called fish for life change dwelling place, move from seawater to freshwater for spawning (herring, sturgeon, salmon) or from fresh water floating in salt water in order to lay eggs, such as acne. Continue reading

Black Sea

I want to congratulate all of us living on the coast of the Black sea! Today, on the last day of October, marks the international Black sea day (International Black Sea Day). In 1996, on this day, the six black sea countries — Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine signed a “Strategic action plan on rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea”. This Plan was developed after a thorough research of the marine environment, which showed that its viability has deteriorated significantly in comparison with the previous three decades.

By tradition, on October 31 in the black sea countries carried out campaigns for cleaning beaches, and other environmental events. In Sevastopol environmentalists, together with young activists of the city conducted a “spring cleaning” of the banks in the Bay area Cossack… but if Black sea Day was celebrated not once a year, and all year round, and all the campers on its banks at least (at least!) left on the beaches the trash after his visit – and no stock to hold would not have!

Finally I will tell you a little bit curious about our sea.

The first mention of the Black sea are found in documents relating to the V century BC. It is on the Black sea, Jason and the Argonauts went to Colchis for the Golden fleece. 8000 years ago the Black sea was a huge freshwater lake like the Caspian sea-lake. Kohdamani the earthquake split the land, formed of the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey. Continue reading

Shark Katran.

When it comes to the sharks, primarily remembered for their huge toothy jaws. The spiny dogfish shark does not pose any threat to life, and is a valuable food product

Katran or korotkaia prickly shark belongs to the genus of Spiny shark, a part of the family Katrenova sharks. Other names: sea dog, rogatica, spotted spiny. Not thermophilic, inhabits cool temperate waters of the World ocean. Found off the coast of Norway and England, in a Black and far Eastern seas, is found in the Bering and White. Kept close to the coasts at depths of 100-200 meters.

As all members of the superorder of sharks have a fusiform body structure, light on the belly and darker on the back and sides color. The nose is pointed, the bottom part is sickle-shaped jaws with several rows of sharp teeth, which the shark grabs the prey, tearing off pieces. Teeth updated throughout life, replacing the dropped or ground off.

Skin like a coat of mail, covered with the special placoid scales, similar in composition to the bones and teeth. This is the oldest type scales, consisting of adjacent to each other leather plates with sharp peaks. So iron sea dog “against the grain” is dangerous. Continue reading

Among the fish, horror at the man, the most terrible is the white shark. But no less chilling stories to tell about the little fish-the piranha. In many legends she…

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Sea catfish
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