Aquarium fish.

The use of modern educational technologies: games technology student-centered teacher interaction with children.

Objectives: Consolidation and synthesis of the views of children about the inhabitants of the aquarium. To strengthen the understanding of children about what aquarium — a freshwater model of the reservoir. To consolidate children’s knowledge about the characteristics of the appearance of aquarium fish they need for life and movement under water. The ability to make comparative descriptive stories. The development of the grammatical structure of speech (the use of nouns with prepositions, enrichment of speech words – antonyms). Improving syntactical structure of speech (a compilation of difficult-composed sentences with adversative Union but). The development of coherent speech, General language skills, visual perception and attention. To raise the interest of the children to the aquarium and its inhabitants, a desire to watch the fish and their habits.

Refining, expanding and strengthening vocabulary: aquarium, aquarium fish, Valuehost, catfish, guppies, swordtail, female, male, snail, smooth, streamlined, torso, head,tail, fins, gills, scales.

Equipment: aquarium, aquarium fish, counting sticks, card-scheme.

The course

1. Organizational moment. The introductory talk. Chairs arranged in a semicircle in front of the aquarium so that all the children settled down close enough to him and could easily be monitored.

Children stand in a semicircle around the teacher. Continue reading

Black sea

On the territory of the Big Sochi many attractions both historical and cultural, both natural and medicinal, but the most important still is our Black sea . To him every year receiving millions of tourists. From its mood – temperatures, purity of water, the unrest – largely depends on how successful will stay.

However, the sea is one of our most good in the world. It is moderately warm and not too salty, storms indulges not too often, but if and stormy, not too much, also hazardous for humans it is not found. Only now, all these delights appreciated by people, at least those representatives of humanity for whom the sea was not the birthplace. For example, the ancient Greeks initially gave the sea the name of our Pont Aksinsky . which means “inhospitable sea”, but it was in the days when they barely met him, and, most likely, negostepriimen was not the sea, and the inhabitants of the coast, who did not want shares the benefits of his existence with strangers. But after some time the Greeks have radically revised its attitude towards the Pontus and the epithet “Aksinsky” was replaced by ” euxinus “, which means hospitable.

Our sea is the young – to him, such as we know it, not yet passed and eight thousand years. However… Continue reading

Feeds and feeding

Good food for larvae and fry tetras is the brackish-water rotifer Brachionus brachionus plecatilis.

For cultivation used a plexiglass aquarium with a minimum capacity of 20 liters. It is filled mortar pharmacy sea salt (tablespoon with a litre of water), allow to settle for two days and placed in culture. At a temperature of 26-28 “C, mild aeration and feeding of the baking (hydrolyzed) yeast (teaspoon a day) manages to catch daily to a teaspoon of rotifers. The need for the next feeding it is easy to determine: water lighter. Once a month, half the solution is replaced by fresh. Collect “harvest” with the help of a net of dense gas. After washing in fresh water rotifers can be fed to the fish.

In the absence of brine shrimp eggs, you can use small harmless species of nematodes. Aquarists call it “micro worm”. For breeding you will need fotonovela, Petri dish or plate. In a container put a thin layer of nutrient medium (zamesheny boiling water on a paste of “Hercules” or oatmeal) and introduce a culture of worms (you can buy it on the market, pet shop or aquarium). Cover the container with glass and put in a warm place. “Hercules” and oatmeal, you can substitute grated carrots or beets. In this case, the feed turns fortified. After a week you can harvest the fruits with a soft brush, then rinse the glass with water. Dirty water with dregs is drained and washed with worms again. You can then feed the fish. Micro worm quickly sinks to the bottom, so when the feeding of larvae and fry, taking a feed in the upper water layers, it is desirable to apply the feeder-mesh. Once the need for a stern stop, dry the substrate and, if necessary, to resume use of culture. Continue reading

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