Undemanding species of aquarium fish.

Aquarium with live fish is a great way to decorate the interior, make it cozy. The inhabitants of this island of water in the house is quite calm, for them it is interesting to observe such therapy allows you to relax, and in some cases helps to treat nervous disorders. Therefore, it can be argued that the fish tank is not only beautiful but also useful.

Given the fact that the water people are living beings, you need to understand that they should properly care to meet their needs in full.

Undemanding species of aquarium fish

Guppies – the most common type. They multiply quickly and easily this can take place directly in the aquarium, these representatives are viviparous. Variegated fins of males are color attracts attention, so they can be considered a decoration of the aquarium. The only requirement is the separation of males and newborns, as older fish can eat the offspring. After the kids grow up, they can return to the aquarium to be an adult.

Zebrafish is a beautiful striped aquarium inhabitants. which gather in flocks and move in unison within the vessel. Small individuals themselves are inconspicuous, but the team look very impressive, so nucleosomal several such families. To protect Pets from ill-considered step, should cover the tank with glass to prevent the desire of fish to jump out. You also need to take care of the purity of water and glass. Continue reading

Want fishing for predatory fish

We decided to go fishing on predatory fish. Where the usual predatory fish?

In the rivers and lakes are found everywhere. And in ponds everywhere, because artificial reservoirs found that fish that are bred there.

What we need fishing to catch predatory fish?

Predatory fish whimsical. She is caught is not the same throughout the year. Intensive feeding begins before spawning and from August until the first frosts. The rest of the time, the predator can also be caught, but very gently and mildly.

For catching of a predator on the rivers and lakes used a spinning rod and artificial bait. Among them the leaders of jigs and wobblers. Depending on the season of to catch a predator selects one or the other bait. If intensive feeding on almost any bait you can catch fish, at other times, lures are selected experimentally.

But for this you must have a whole Arsenal of lures. If the predator is very active and irritable, very good work lures citric, almost acid colors, if the predator is in the normal state average of irritation, the natural color is selected bait fish, which chinkaras in this pond. Continue reading

Aquarium fish.

The use of modern educational technologies: games technology student-centered teacher interaction with children.

Objectives: Consolidation and synthesis of the views of children about the inhabitants of the aquarium. To strengthen the understanding of children about what aquarium — a freshwater model of the reservoir. To consolidate children’s knowledge about the characteristics of the appearance of aquarium fish they need for life and movement under water. The ability to make comparative descriptive stories. The development of the grammatical structure of speech (the use of nouns with prepositions, enrichment of speech words – antonyms). Improving syntactical structure of speech (a compilation of difficult-composed sentences with adversative Union but). The development of coherent speech, General language skills, visual perception and attention. To raise the interest of the children to the aquarium and its inhabitants, a desire to watch the fish and their habits.

Refining, expanding and strengthening vocabulary: aquarium, aquarium fish, Valuehost, catfish, guppies, swordtail, female, male, snail, smooth, streamlined, torso, head,tail, fins, gills, scales.

Equipment: aquarium, aquarium fish, counting sticks, card-scheme.

The course

1. Organizational moment. The introductory talk. Chairs arranged in a semicircle in front of the aquarium so that all the children settled down close enough to him and could easily be monitored.

Children stand in a semicircle around the teacher. Continue reading

Goldfish Scientific classification Kingdom: Animals Type: Chordata Class: Bony fish Order: Cypriniformes Family: Cyprinids Origin: Goldfish Species: Carassius auratus subspecies of the goldfish Latin name Carassius auratus auratus (Linnaeus, 1758)…

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Shark Katran.
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Fish of the red sea
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