The tale of the shark

In the blue-blue ocean, deep in its depth the shark lived. She was black-black with a white belly. On one side lived the shark fish from sticking. This is a fish that glued her belly to the large carnivore, and eat up all the production pieces and scraps that tumbled from his mouth. Thus the fish is stuck in complete safety, because predatory fish can’t Dodge so to bite Remora, and natural enemies such as predator shark no. Lives stuck on its owner to old age.

The shark was quite a lonely predator with no occupation. She has never loved anyone, had no friends, nothing to build, no one cared, and that was very boring. The only thing to do was to swim and devour the fish. And she swam without a break all the time, because sharks are arranged so that at all times, even in sleep, they must swim or they will drown. And here’s a shark swam and swam in the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean, and soon her this warm water is very tired. So when she got into cold ocean current, we were delighted and happily floated along with the cold water. But soon she got tired, because the current was carrying her self, so her swim was not necessary. And then she turned and began to swim against the tide. To overcome the current was already at least some entertainment. And the shark swam and swam against the current. However,it appeared that she now does not need to hunt, because the ocean is full of fat stupid fish who go with the flow. The shark was easy enough to open his mouth to meet it, and within itself bring the shark full belly of great fish. Eating vigorously and constantly overcoming the current, the shark had grown to an incredible size. The shark was the size of a good whale.

But such a full life to the shark after a while got bored. Especially tired of her constantly discarded into the mouth of the fish. She tried to close her mouth, but then, first, remained hungry, and secondly, thick fish, carried by the current, unpleasant patting her on the nose. Once, standing very close to the surface of the ocean, the shark saw a flock of flying fish. This fish, which are able, when they are chased by the predator to jump out of the water and fly several meters above the water. “Interesting question…”, thought the shark, and began to chase flying fish. This activity fascinated her, she quickly learned to jump out of the water better than the fish, and for some time she was fed exclusively on flying fish. As long as something is in-flight conversation with a particularly talkative fish, and she told her that in the Arctic, beyond the Arctic circle live polar bears. Fish told her: “You are a shark of such overwhelming size and abilities that could not eat bony fish and fatty huge bears”. The shark liked the idea, besides she loved the cold water and she hit the road.

When the shark sailed to the Arctic, the polar bear one was actually sitting on the ice and was about to devour a seal. The giant shark approached closer, took aim, then sailed to disperse and jumped out of the water. She grabbed the polar bear and fell on ice, causing the ice broke, and the shark with a bear fell into the ocean. The bear, seeing the flying fish right to him, by surprise, released the seal, and managed to escape. Narrowly escaped the seal, desperately going through the fins, rushed to his herd.

The whole herd knew that the seal, when he too was dreaming, warming their sides in the rays of spring sun, grabbed the polar bear, and therefore everyone thought that the bear eats a seal. The appearance of the seal of the living unharmed and was very surprised by his companions, and they began to crawl together from all parts of the rookery to hear his story. Such a huge fish, which would fly like birds and ate polar bears, no one here has never seen it, but saved the seal was there. The herd has unanimously decided that this is the God of the ocean sent them a shark-avenger, who must avenge all eaten by bears seals. It was decided to erect a monument.

Called seal-a sculptor who had to sculpt this monument of snow, and saved the seal appointed him as a consultant, because he’s the only one who saw the shark-the avenger. During the time when the monument was built, with different parts of the Arctic heard rumours, about the next bears, eaten by a giant flying shark-the avenger. And so, came the day of unveiling the monument. All seal herd gathered around great boulders, slightly covered in fresh snow. All seals took a deep breath and blew on the block. The snow flew, and underneath was icy shark avenger in full length, smiling full face. The seals gasped and went to dance with everyone. And at this time by ice, which held the festival, floated just bored, jaded polar bears shark. She saw on the surface exactly the same as it is brutal, only white, and I thought, “a Worthy opponent. Good fight, I probably would have entertained”. The shark took aim, as can be overclocked and flew out of the water. Flying over a herd of seals, she got his head into the mouth of the monument. From blow fish stuck unstuck from her sides and fell to the noses of seals. The seals thought it was the offspring of a sacred fish, and with honors and hymns Remora lowered into the water. There she clung to the side of the fish-hammer, and began, as if nothing had happened, to eat up leftovers. A giant shark, getting a concussion, froze and remained to hang around from your monument.

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