The most dangerous fish of Thailand

Snorkeling and diving are the things for which many go to Thailand. But on the coral reefs of tropical Islands are not only colorful fish. There dwells a whole bunch of frankly dangerous creatures.

The underwater world is fraught with many dangers. Poisons that are owned by some underwater inhabitants, is so strong that it can kill a person within 5-10 minutes. For this reason, the main recommendation of diving instructors is the total prohibition to touch anything under water. There can be only view. And it is advisable to do this as accurately as possible.

1. Before you fish the perch family, is called Scorpionfish.

On the body of this fish is full of spikes, which if they touch, injected into your skin very strong poison, which can lead to paralysis of the respiratory system. Float to the surface you can not make it. Even if you have time, then there is no guarantee that your life will not be completed on Board your boat. There is no cure. Medical aid is powerless. In the nearest institution, even if you act quickly, since the middle of the Andaman sea, you will deliver at best around three hours. To stop the heart and breathing can last 10 minutes, the portion that got careless chelovechestva, is large enough. Operator.

2. She. Fish-Scorpion is very cleverly disguised as coral. From the far distance, it is almost invisible. This disguise allows her to successfully prey on small fish, which it not noticing, often swims near, allowing a predator without much effort to eat them.

3. Harmless shrimp living in an anemone. Shrimp don’t bite. The anemone is very poisonous. Not deadly poisonous, as fish from this post, nevertheless, its venom also can bring you a lot of trouble. The poison will cause your skin to burn.

4. Clam. Not poisonous.

5. The crustacean.

6. This creature’s name is Devil Scorpionfish. She really is diabolical. Poison an order of magnitude stronger than conventional Scorpionfish. Is quite rare.

7. This nearly invisible fish is called a Stonefish. She is the owner of one of the most powerful poisons in the ocean. Contact with it with very high probability will lead to death. Antidote does not exist. At a poisoning with poison of this fish in place of poisoning occur very severe pain. There were cases when people asked for a poisoned limb to be amputated, just to get rid of pain. Pain may last a lifetime. Recovery after poisoning with poison of this fish, unless of course managed to survive, usually takes a very long time, several years. Complete recovery may never come. The fish is also dangerous in that it has a truly perfect disguise. You need to have a great experience and to be mindful enough to see her. Accidents happens only when people are not noticing this is a very dangerous establishment, by chance it comes to him or touches.

8. Familiar to many divers lionfish, Lionfish foreign name.

9. Lionfish are very peaceful, because I know no danger no danger. Few people in the ocean are able to attack them. The reason for their calmness is a potent poison that is in their fins.

10. Lionfish move slowly, waiting until past them to pass some unwary small fish so suddenly to her attack, paralyze poison, and quietly eat. They are predators. The poison is not fatal if the dose is not large. However, leave after contact with the lionfish will be spoiled completely. To move away from its injection, the diver will have a long time.

The underwater world is beautiful, diverse and, at the same time, very dangerous. Therefore, scuba diving, it is recommended to always be as alert.

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