The amazing life of sharks

The shark is one of the most amazing out of all those living on earth creatures. These fish had survived all kinds of ice ages and other disasters that were not in the teeth to the same mammoths and dinosaurs. It is not excluded that sharks will survive and the human race, so they are arranged.

In order to survive!

Interestingly, the body of the shark can regulate the salinity of the water, so one of the scientists foretold of impending disaster – desalination of the oceans due to glacial melting – the shark practically does not threaten.

Even the lack of oxygen not to confuse the predator. Because the shark at any time is able to “turn off” the part of the brain, and go into suspended animation to conserve energy.

These predators have a unique vision, is several times larger than a cat. A shark can see in opaque sea water at a distance up to 15 meters. Her eyes different from human frequency perception: we have 24 frames per second, the sharks – 45 fps. Besides, as it turned out, sharks see black and white picture, and perceive the world in color.

It is interesting that, having such a rich sight, the shark may use and to swim and safely navigate the ocean with your eyes closed or in total darkness. For orientation she has another body bokovaya, sensitive to the smallest fluctuations in sea. Besides, sharks are amazing hearing. She can hear not only ears (they have it there and are immediately behind the eyes), but his whole skull.

As for the smell, and the sharks – one of the best on the planet. These fish are able to catch the scent of blood, diluted in water in the ratio of one to a million. They can “sniff” even above the water surface, just sticking out the nose.

Incredibly developed many sharks and tasting abilities. Consuming everything the predator, for example, the cat shark has a mouth of more than twenty-seven thousand taste buds (humans – an order of magnitude less) and it is recognized because the most subtle connoisseur and taster of the animal world.

To dig deeper in the nose

Sharks are one of the most sensitive in the world of thermometers. Moreover, the temperature of the surrounding world they measure their own face. Mucus, which is contained in the nose of a shark, unlike the banal and useless human snot, capable of producing an electric current depending on temperature variations. The pores of the nose, in turn, is extremely sensitive to electric fields, resulting in unerringly seek out sharks in the ocean fish-rich areas, which are formed in those places where the encounter water masses of different temperatures. The contents of the nose of the shark allows a predator to determine the temperature with an accuracy of one thousandth of a degree!

Electric fields are used the shark not only indirect help in the hunt. For example, not so long ago scientists found out that the skull relevant to the shark fish-the hammer not because of a whim of nature has such a strange shape. It turns out that fish head hammer is gigantic and at the same time vysokochuvstvitel inim sensor, a powerful antenna that can capture the smallest electromagnetic field of the victim. Many marine species, escaping from predators and bury themselves in the sand, hide in the crevices, freeze motionless, camouflaged under plants or rocks. But no animal is able to “hide” its electromagnetic field. This is the hammerhead shark. She rushes to the seemingly empty ground or lifeless thicket weakly oscillating algae and accurately pulls out its prey.

Other sharks use a more simple method of hunting. For example, the Greenland shark eye svatatsya in the dark like distant, friendly flashlights, which attracts an incredible amount of fish. Simple marine life too late to realize that beneath the seemingly innocuous flashlights for them is the entrance to the light.

A unique way of hunting differs shark-Fox. She has a very long tail (half of the entire body). The blows of the tail of the shark Fox just jamming his victims.

The rumors are too exaggerated

The largest fish in the ocean belongs to the sharks squad. This so-called whale shark. Caught in November 1949 off the coast of Pakistan, the instance had more than 12 metres in length and weighed about 20 tons. Most interesting is that, despite their intimidating size, the whale shark eats not careless divers and not the hapless passengers of ships foundering, and small plankton.

But who do not hesitate to take “the crown of nature” is the infamous white shark. (By the way, the white shark is the best hearing). This predator has such powerful jaws. that easily able to eat the steel bars.

However, the rumors about the dangers posed by white (Yes, any other) shark to humans, to put it mildly, greatly exaggerated. According to the statistical services of the United States for the period from the end of XVI century and till our time it was known 244 attack, great white shark, and only 65 episodes ended tragically.

This unhealthy blood hype around sharks mostly blame the filmmakers. With the help of numerous films showcasing ocean disaster, they made the great white shark is the epitome of ruthlessness. However, there are hundreds of evidence that people found themselves in the jaws of white sharks by accident. Many participants of this action claim that white shark literally spits got her man, and in General, a normal shark would prefer any marine life “Packed” in a rubber wetsuit swimmer.

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