Shedd Aquarium

Shedd aquarium (Shedd Aquarium /John G. Shedd Aquarium) is an indoor public aquarium . located in Chicago, which was opened may 30, 1930. The aquarium has more than 25 thousand fish and is the first private aquarium containing such a huge collection of marine fish. The location of the Shedd Aquarium is very beneficial, because nearby are no less interesting buildings – Chicago Museum Campus, Adler Planetarium and Field Museum of Natural History. Shedd aquarium contains various types of fish, birds, snakes, marine mammals, total number of approximately 1500 different species.

The History Of Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd aquarium gave Chicago John G. Shedd, the President of “Marshall Field & Company”. Unfortunately, John G. Shedd could see only the design of the building drawn by the architect, completion of the construction of the John G. Shedd have not found, however, his widow, Mary R. Shedd, was done by her husband and in 1929 cut the ribbon at the official opening of the pool. The construction of the aquarium cost $3,000,000, and the first exhibition of the aquarium saw its visitors on may 30, 1930. From 1928 to 1964 the head of the aquarium was Walter Chute

For the pool, which should belarusbelarus the exhibition, was specially custom reinforced wagon for carriage of sea water and fish, transport water for marine aquarium exhibitions came from Key West. In 1933, in the framework of the world exhibition in Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium has adopted an unprecedented number of visitors (about 4.5 million ) eager to look at an interesting construction and unusual exhibitions. In 1971, the aquarium presented a new and very interesting exhibit – reproduced copy of a Caribbean coral reef. In the same year was not less important event for Shedd Aquarium – purchased research vessel, the boat, which was intended for the study of the Caribbean sea and collect new exhibits for the aquarium.

From 1984 to 1994 President of the Board was the grandson of the founder of the aquarium — John Shedd Reed, up until his death in 2008, he has been a Trustee of the aquarium. Since 1994 the President and CEO of the aquarium is Ted A. Beattie. In 1991, in addition to the aquarium was opened Shedd Ocenarium where you can see many marine mammals such as Pacific dolphins and Beluga. In 2008, Shedd Ocenarium was closed for renovation . which meant expanding the territory of the Oceanarium and upgrade of administrative buildings. Prior to the exhibition opening in may 2009, the animals that were kept at the aquarium were allocated to other state facilities. In 2003 was opened a permanent exhibition, based in the reserve Apo Island Marine Reserve and contains a huge collection of corals, fish and sharks.

The Architecture Of Shedd Aquarium

In addition to its diverse exhibitions and collections, the Shedd Aquarium is also known for its architecture, designed in the Greek Steele E. Main aquarium building is octagonal, with large pillars, staircases and ornaments in the form of images of marine animals.

The aquarium is designed in a more modern style, and from the Windows of the aquarium you can admire beautiful views of lake Michigan .

Expositions and collections

At the Shedd Aquarium on a permanent basis working 5 of expositions . Amazon Rising, Caribbean Reef, Waters of the World, the Oceanarium and Wild Reef.

During the exhibition, Amazon Rising will be about the Amazon river and its surrounding forests and jungles. The exhibition presents about 250 different species of marine animals such as anacondas, piranhas, crocodiles, spiders and stingrays.

Caribbean Reef exhibition was opened to visitors in 1971 and is one of the most interesting places in Shedd Aquarium. The main feature of the exhibition is the diver who communicates with people and at the same time in contact with marine animals.

Waters of the World – the exhibition shows a wide range of marine animals, including such animals as the blue iguana, squid, starfish and seahorses, a giant octopus, Nile crocodiles, etc.

The Wild Reef exhibition was organized on the basis of the collection of the aquarium and features live corals, different species of sharks and layout Filipino fishing village. Ocenarium in Shedd are performances of marine animals – dolphins, sea otters, lions, and Beluga whales. From 16 October 2009 to the present, during the Christmas holidays, the aquarium shows show sea lions, penguins and dolphins – Fantasea.

In the summer of 2011 opened a temporary exhibition – Jellies . which, as expected, was due to expire in may 2012, however, due to the large number of visitors, we decided to extend it until 2013. The exhibition presents jelly Atlantic jelly fish, Japanese jellyfish, striped jellyfish and other jellyfish.

Interesting facts about Shedd Aquarium

Shedd aquarium (Shedd Aquarium) is the largest indoor Mall in the world, which contains various species of marine mammals;

After 1989, the tanker “Exxon Valdez” spilled oil, it saved a huge number of groups of sea otters, which currently represent a collection of aquarium.

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