If you do not live near a warm ocean or a water Park we might not have seen seahorses or sea dragons to realize how stunning these tiny creatures. Long, elongated, like a horse, the head give them almost mythical image. In reality they are not immortal, and besides, poor swimmers. many die during the storm. Hiding the sea “horses” with the help of a great camouflage, long ribbon-like spikes and growths make them inconspicuous in their natural underwater environment.

The size of seahorses range from 2 to 20 centimeters. As seahorses leafy sea dragons and pipefish hatching offspring in special bags, where the female lays the eggs. The maternal burden of care falls on the shoulders of courageous males. These are entertaining and interesting facts . as well as amazing photographs of seahorses, we suggest you get acquainted.

Seahorses (Hippocampus) — gentle and beautiful creation got its name from the Greek “Hippo” meaning “horse” and “Kampos” — “sea monster”. The genus Hippocampus includes 54 species of marine fish.

Spotted seahorse in the photo has a length of 15 centimeters, lives up to four years.

Spectacular rainbow seahorse in Hamburg, Germany.

Leafy sea dragons at the Georgia aquarium. Inhabited by sea “monsters” at the southern shores of Australia and yavlyaetsyato masking. Seemingly harmless, the sea dragon is a real carnivore — feeds on small fish and shrimp.

Weedy sea dragon endangered. Small tubular snouts relatives of the seahorses suck in tiny prey, sometimes it gets there a different litter.

Leafy sea dragons at Birch Aquarium, San Diego, California. They can grow in length up to 35 cm. When males are ready to mate their leaf tails turn bright yellow.

Black-sea seahorse is a rare sight in the shallow water, Romania.

Leafy sea dragon at the aquarium, Atlanta, GA. In the wild they live in tropical coastal waters of South and Western Australia.

Thorny seahorse (Hippocampus histrix) got its name because of the spikes sticking out on it. It usually lives in a large range of depths from 3 to 80 meters. One of the largest species of seahorses and can grow up to 17 cm

Sea horse in the aquarium in Oregon. Seahorses are not good swimmers. Another interesting fact is the only fish species in which males bear unborn offspring.

Weedy sea dragon near the kelp, Sydney, Australia. Kelp and reefs provide for them a good camouflage and protection from predators.

At first glance, pregnant seahorses, but it’s not. Pot-bellied seahorses (Hippocampus abdominalis) is a separate species and one of the largest can reach a length of 35 cm.

Thorny seahorses, like most of his brothers, threatened with extinction. The human appetite for exotic fish grows, because the skates were made to the list of fish protected under the Convention on international trade species of wild fauna and flora under the threat of destruction.

Leafy sea dragons, like their congeners, weed dragons are very caring fathers. They nurture the offspring for yourself. Born the fry become independent.

Sea needle another distant relative of the seahorses. He has long, straight body with tiny mouths.

One of the relatives of the seahorses in the Wilhelma zoo, Germany.

Macro photography of grey and yellow seahorses in the zoo of Zurich. During the meal, or interacting with other relatives, these fish emit a “clicking” sound.

I think the love between them…

Leafy sea dragons dance in the Dallas aquarium. The black fins are on the chest and back, because sea dragons do not very high speed of 150 meters per hour. Observed specimens are held in one place for up to 68 hours.

Pygmy sea horse perfectly camouflaged against the background of soft corals near Cebu, Philippines. Pygmies reach a maximum length of 2.4 cm Area of residence from southern Japan to Northern Australia in areas of reef at a depth of 10-40 meters.

Sea needle — Solenostomus paradoxus — off the coast of Thailand. Close relatives of sea horses come in a variety of colors and sizes, from 2.5 cm to 50 cm

It’s a great disguise.

Weedy sea dragons. From left: Soren dragon Shelly Beach, Australia, right: eggs on the male dragon.

Morning courtship dances seahorses.

Skinny body weed dragon “flies” through the water. The body of a sea dragon and his color is developing on the basis of environment, food.

Skinny and toothless sea needle has snapdone body.

Seahorses voracious. The lack of teeth and stomach causes them to eat constantly. In this regard, they absorb per day to 50 shrimp.

Before to copulate, the ritual of courtship in seahorses lasts a few days. Rarely what pairs remain for life, most to stay together only during the mating season.

A miracle of nature.

The perfection of nature.

The plan

Close-knit family.

Seahorses masters of camouflage.

Sea needle Schulz — Corythoichthys schultzi in Egypt.

Different kinds of seahorses and dracos.

Sea horses the slowest marine fish.

Only 1% of the fish grows to adult individuals.

Seahorses masters of camouflage.

Pygmy seahorse one of the smallest vertebrates in the world on the background of soft corals.

Stunning shot: the kiss of lovers.

The beauty of the leafy sea dragon.

The collection needle includes: seahorses, sea eagle, leafy and weedy sea dragons.

Spiny seahorse.

The proud loneliness of a sea horse.

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