Sea horse in the aquarium

According to Roman mythology, the ruler of the seas Neptune went in a chariot to which were harnessed sea horses. However, according to legend, this God must be very short, because his horses were not more than 30 cm And that the greatest representatives of one species. Basically, the majority of the horses reaches a size of about 10 — 12 cm, and the smallest is only 13 mm.

Its name this fish is obliged resemblance to horses – the front part resembles the chest, neck and head mounts. The seahorse, unlike other fish, the head is set at a right angle to the torso. And he swims against all – standing. The skate body is covered with bony plates, not scales. In this armor, thanks to the fins, it appears to be floating in the water, shimmering with an abundance of colors. Shell fish is so strong that even the dried-up dead horse it is almost impossible to break.

Special thanks to a long swirling tail of this wonderful inhabitant of the sea. Thanks to him, the skate in case of danger clinging to algae or corals and hiding in the thickets, lying motionless vertically upside down. However, these fish are predators, as pitayutsya crayfish and shrimp. With the help of its elongated stigmas, in which the diameter is only 1 mm, it sucks in the prey, sometimes from a distance of about 3-4 cm Voracious young horse is able to eat up to 10 hours in a row.

Another feature of the seahorse is its ability to mimimization, i.e. the acceptance of the painting, which is now. Color range is from lemon yellow to fiery red, from orange to blue and even speckled! This bright coloring helps not only to avoid predators but also to attract partners. Male who likes a female that can change their color to her.

Courtship in seahorses begins with courtship dances. For several days the couple meets, throwing the body each other’s tails and getting closer and closer to getting acquainted. And then comes the fun part: the female in these “hugs” enter by means of the sexual papilla in breeding males the bag of many eggs. A month later appear transparent fry. And it is another feature of seahorses is the offspring produced by the male! The average number of fry ranges from 20 to 200 pieces, but some species are able to carry at one time more than 1500 children. The act itself are very hard, their length sometimes reaches several days. After an impotent male falls to the bottom and in a horizontal position resting for a long period of time. Then for some time he cares for his children, which in case of danger by a signal father hiding again in its brood pouch. Couples skates very loyal to each other. If it happens that one of the partners dies, the second keeps him faithful a few more weeks.

However, these amazing sea creatures are on the brink of extinction. Of the 50 known 30 species listed in the Red book. To blame for this, first of all, ecology. Because of pollution the oceans are dying algae, which are the main habitat of skates. In addition, it is now widely distributed their fishing, especially in the East. On the basis of these fishes are made of medicines that helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis, skin diseases, asthma and even impotence. The Chinese believe that due to sea ice-you can get rid of any disease. And about half of the captured individuals involved in the manufacture of Souvenirs, brooches and even buckles for belts.

Seahorses have been in existence for 40 million years, and only the intervention of humanity can kill these funny creatures with trusting eyes, cute lips and face, often decorated with horns.

The content seahorses in the aquarium.

Seahorses are one of the most beautiful and unusual fish. Instead of the usual scales – body covered with bony plates and spines. The head of the skate is at an angle of 90 degrees and moving up and down. Floating fish vertically and can fold the tail of the spiral. Another unique ability of a horse are the eyes that can look in opposite directions.

To care for seahorses are very whimsical. This task can celebrate only the experienced aquarist. In the aquarium to create a natural habitat. The water temperature depends on the type of skate. For tropical species suitable temperature in the range of 21.6 to 25.5 OS, subtropical, 20-23,3 OS, for skates from temperate region – 17,7-21,6 ° C; pH of water – 8,1-8,3; density is 1,021-1,024. Before putting seahorses in the aquarium, you should make sure that the water is not ammonia and phosphate, the maximum allowable amount of nitrates in the aquarium water can be 10 ppm. Also I should take care to place artificial grottoes, corals, long and thick algae. Shy fish will hide in these places.

Seahorses feed 4-5 times a day. They feed on shrimp and crustaceans. It is possible to feed them frozen Mysis shrimp and live mysid shrimp, Daphnia, bloodworms and koretra.

Seahorses are monogamous and, surprisingly, the males are carrying eggs. Of the more than 1,000 births skates survival of only 5%.

Before you start seahorses must be thoroughly prepared for a new home whimsical seahorses and to provide the necessary food for them.

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