Sea catfish

If you dig into the catalogs of world famous companies producing turntables, you can read the history of the development of this enterprise. Curious is the fact that until 1947, this dear all anglers, the organization stayed in the shadows and was not so widely known as now. What was such a rapid success? It turns out – the second world war, or if to be precise, the return of American soldiers home from Europe contributed to the extraordinary rise in popularity of baits from this company. American soldiers indulged myself fishing in the breaks between battles, and returning to his home, as a souvenir so carried favourite turntables.

It turned out that the U.S. fish and relished the work of European masters, and off it went. On what grounds does the angler, choosing a particular lure? Under normal conditions this is probably different fishing conditions. But this approach implies that when fishing, the fisherman has information on a variety of baits and about their scope. Do we have the chance? Do we possess that information? Before 1990 the helicopter to find for sale was as unrealistic as the Wobbler. The lucky ones were.

Example: November 1992. One of the rivers of the Baltic basin. All known E. K. ducks under korchik to remove negociado the victim of a hook. How do you like the story? The fact that he was not in the secret society, walruses can not say for sure, but it seems to me that not even the price, but simply the impossibility of soon to get what need makes a man at the beginning of November in the river where in summer the temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees. Such a provision could not affect the attitude to these lures. But time does not stand still. The new generation is not darawsheh, are very comfortable with certain inscriptions on the petals. More important for them. I large of effort to break their stereotypes. But the results exceeded all expectations. Among spinners we offer to your attention this time not the usual bait for most anglers and allowing to solve problems associated with traditional designs.

Lure was born in the kitchen D. S. Varivonchik, over a Cup of tea. A few years later, enjoy the photos of the spinners of similar structure in one of the Russian editions. We are not talking about the fact that someone borrowed the idea from colleagues. The spoon is so simple in design and in manufacture, that such a solution will come to mind to anyone who will look at the number of Polish fishing logs, which in due time before the holes was read out by Dmitry. Let does not confuse you with the VMC logo on the petal. Given the quality of the baits, in 1994, received the permission from VMC Peche to use the logo, provided that the bait is completed the hook from this company. Lure is a versatile bait working equally well on the course and in calm water. Successful way will be stationary fishing. The wiring step is not less profitable. The spoon is easy to repeat. Products produced on the question of colors is also not traditional.

Painted cargo-heads, petals as there are only “brass” and “silver”. For painting goods are used and FLUO-color, which makes the lure is especially effective in low-clear water and at great depths.

The weight of the spoon 22 grams. Petal corresponds to number 3.

This bait is not unusual. It is a well known and equally well-regarded “tale-spinner”. The spoon is indispensable when you need small but heavy and compact chopper. The body of the spinner is painted the same as the previous model.

The weight of the bait 8; 12; 18; 24 gr.The weight of the lure in the photo gr. Petal corresponds to number 1.

It is also a “tale-spinner”. Due to the modified design of the fastening hook of the lure less prone dazepam. The fishing line is attached for the same loop and double. The spoon is indispensable when fishing for redfish at great depths. Painted in special colors, has a weight of 4; 6; 9; 13G.

The small size of the petal (No. 1), weights and natural colors of paint and allow fishing in the shallows.

A very similar version, involving the mounting of additional elements.

And it meet “Catfish”. Nothing unusual about the easiest “Spinner-bait”. This turntable allows a person with no experience to fish in almost any conditions. The spoon is quite heavy (gr.), but a compact. The size of the petal No. 1. A design that hooks the thing is almost incredible. The perfect bait for our wives. Judge for yourself. Catches easily onto any fishing line to 0.35 mm, because it is difficult. Goes at the bottom (if you don’t catch in the Mariana trench) and not clings. Petal No. 1 favorite perch dish. But perch is the most frequent guest on spinning, because there is everywhere.

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