Production ponds

We spend a lot of time in his garden, the cottage, the station. And sometimes we want on our property was a small pond. I wanted to fish. so we can sit in it and relax. after all, work is work, and life goes on.

On the shore of the pond we dream of a new life, when we have a lot of money and we will not afford anything to deny, and not spend all day long on the site and stand there in the pose of “the laundress” working the land.

Stop! Why not organize your small home based business. Why not make money for the wealthy and the middle part of the population of mini-ponds on their country plots. Why not fulfill their dream to have such a miracle of nature right at their summer cottage. So, the decision was made! You need to build your business by making mini-ponds. Where to start.

First of all it is necessary to solve to the place where is located the pond was clearly visible from the side of the house, and drop shadow from the trees would protect the pond from the scorching rays of the sun. The form layout of the pond produced by means of a cord. For the base of the pond you need to use plastic wrap. Depending on the size and thickness of the film can make different depth and area of the pond. If the depth of the pond will be bolee1 the m for the winter to keep the fish. The whole earth, chosen out of the pit, will be spent on building near small hill with a stream or waterfall. In order to supply water for a stream or waterfall, you will need a water pump.

Once you have identified and outlined, where you will have a pond to dig a pit. First you have to remove land from the coastal area with a depth of 20 cm, then the shallow water – 40 cm, then deep a part of 60-150 cm Slope between the zones should be at least 30 degrees. If this bias not withstanding, there may be an offset of the soil and the infilling of the pit. Ensure that the bottom of the pit had no sharp objects, roots of trees, stones, etc.

Once the pit is ready, it is veiled film. The joints joining the foil glued with waterproof glue. The film is made with a large tolerance. This tolerance will be laid tile, and river stones that create the topography of the shore.

Instead of a film, you can use any other material, which has good water-repellent properties. After the film will be Packed, prepared the coastal zone and the elevated waterfall is formed by the bottom of the pond (pour a layer of sand, previously sieved, plant), fill the pond with water, start the fish. I. here our first step in our home business done.

In order to start this type of business, you must do the following:

1. To read the literature on this question and to choose acceptable option for yourself (materials, pumps, coatings, schema, ponds, etc.).

2. To try on their summer cottage to make a pond for himself, so as not to look like a “fool” in the eyes of the customer.

3. To purchase working material (tape, glue, pumps, etc.).

4. To make business cards for yourself. Make as many business cards. Business cards need to produce efficiently, because it’s your face! Book cards a lot – the more the better! Now take a pen and paper and write a list of your friends. The more the better! But why all this? – You may ask. The answer is simple: this is your advertising campaign among their friends and local communities.

Next, take 100 business cards and write on the reverse side of the cards your friend’s name, for example, Andrei and give him. Ask him to hand out these business cards among their friends and among these friends if you have a customer, that Andrew will get 5-10% of the retainer that I found for you the customer! Do the same with other names on your list. The effect is stunning! Thus earn You, Your friends and the client is happy! Just want to warn – take plenty of business cards to hand out have a lot. Also I recommend to master the production of business cards yourself at home.

5. Make and distribute flyers in the town about this “Making of ponds cottages, garden plots

6. To give such an announcement to the Newspapers free ads in your city.

7. Hand out your business cards to your friends, i.e. to start doing word of mouth advertising for your enterprise.

8. To start earning your first money. Here, I briefly describe the business that you can start in your city, district, region, village.

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