The Koi pond is a reservoir in which is contained exclusively one species of fish – Koi. Koi is a Japanese species of carp. Two basic requirements for a pond of this type are that, firstly, you should create adequate conditions for the fish . and secondly the water in the pond should always be clean, so that you and your guests to enjoy the beauty of these fish. Close relatives of Koi can be called goldfish. Usually, Koi live in ponds of medium size. These fish are very demanding clean water. Visual (automatic) purity of water in your pond is not an indicator of water purity in General, as, for example, it may not grow algae on the basis of its toxicity.

First of all, the Koi pond is a system, and decorative detail has been the second. Have to balance the aesthetic side with the effectiveness of the support and filtration. Koi normally grow to 0.6-0.9 m. the Size to which fish will grow will depend on the size of the pond, aeration, water quality, and, of course, fish health. Itself koi fish are very hardy, and in addition, can withstand quite low temperature. Can koi live in the pond until the water starts to freeze. Very often in the same pond with these carp keep goldfish. The nature Koi are very peaceful. With regards to the demands of these fishes to clean water, it should be said, chlorinated water for them octopusy, and many young animals die in it.

Koi – fish schooling, so the more of them will be in your pond, the more comfortable they will feel. In General, the Koi pond needs to be a volume of about 2000 L. If there will be good depth for them it will be just perfect. It is advisable to let surface floating plants . to protect the fish from predators. At the bottom of a very well put from one side of the drainage to the bottom of the pond was sloped toward the drain. Biological filtration, in combination with a mechanical pond for Koi. Biological filtration needs to work constantly. With biological filtration bacteria help to keep the water clean, which is vital for Koi. Attention, be warned once that the extract filter for swimming pool, pond with Koi will not work. Since the filtration system of the pool filter is to filter of waste products of fish.

It will be nice if You will responsibly approach the choice of plants for this pond. Plants . that grow on thin stems, and erect, and plants with long leaves, perfect for a pond with Koi. As these fish love to swim among them. For these fish in the pond there are many dangers. They may want to eat cats, turtles and even ducks (of course, if you have them). In such cases, the presence of plants be sure that the fish were hiding.

All Koi ponds must be cleaned regularly . The system and the reasons are the same as in normal aquariums. After all, fish faeces and other dirt gathering on the bottom, ruining the water. Periodic replacement of 10-15% of the fresh water is the perfect solution.

As for spawning Koi, it usually occurs in the summer season . when the water temperature is the highest. Usually they lay eggs on floating plants. Koi can easily eat all the eggs, so if you want to get offspring, you should remove it from the pond as quickly as possible. Peaceful nature of the koi and their endurance at low temperatures make these fish ideal inhabitants of the pond. Thanks to its friendliness, koi often swim to the surface of a pond when a someone suitable. Many of them may follow You along the length of the pond until You retire.

Today there is a wide variety of ornamental fish to the pond, which will be able to revive Your pond. Ornamental carp — one of the most beautiful and easy to keep fish in ornamental ponds. Red, gold, red, and white calico carp — a very popular residents of the suburban ponds. Colored carp — this decorative common carp, which is very prevalent in our country.

This decorative fish for pond took from their ancestors great adaptability, and greater speed of reproduction. Brightly colored fish overwinter well, easily take roots and not fastidious in food and content. They are easily bred, even in the small pond and produce hundreds of colorful fry. Decorative carp prefers to live in a flock of five individuals, survival rate and reproduction are far better.

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