Pond fish

Only pond fish can really liven up a pond. Monitoring of the fish affects people very soothing and positive. Pond fishing for fish not only fun to watch, the fish pond is also the main decoration of the garden pond. There are many different species of pond fish, as an ornamental, and fishing, so You can easily choose for themselves the types of fish for pond that are more suitable for your pond. If You want to admire the fish pond, to consider it as your pet and feed from hand, then You can use ornamental pond fish in bright colors, clearly visible in the pond (colored carp, koi carp). The beauty of the Japanese koi carp is recognized around the world. There are many different kinds of colors of these koi. On our website presents many of them. Koi carp has a high intellect and remembers their owners. If You sometimes want to go fishing and eat fresh fish caught from our own pond, then You should liberalprogressive types of pond fish (trout, carp, tench, sturgeon, etc.)

In the artificially created pond pond fish in dire need of a correct balanced nutrition. Not all food for pond fish is equally good. You should not feed the fish feed cheap, because they lead to obesity fish, affecting her health – obese fish are highly susceptible to various diseases. Also, these foods are dangerous for your pond – cheap feed is poorly digested in fish, it can cause strong turbidity and selinene. We are the best feed brands, which ensure the growth, health, vitality and bright coloration of pond fish. All feed on the forage website are high quality, they are carefully balanced and contain everything needed for pond fish vitamins and nutrients. There are different types of feed for pond fish: sticks (floating on the surface, where it can easily be eaten by fish, particularly suitable for fish of medium and large sizes); cereals (they are well suited for different types of fish in one pond and fish with a small mouth); the mixture (containing sun-dried small freshwater crustaceans); seasonal food for pond fish (food for feeding pond fish in low temperatures in autumn and winter).

The most common problem in the garden pond – murky or green water. The problem of “efflorescence” of the pond faced by almost every owner of the pond. Sunlight and excess nutrients invariably leads to the fact that water in the pond becomes green and cloudy. This is due to intense breeding of harmful algae. In extreme cases floating harmful algae are able in one night to use up all the oxygen, which can lead to the death of the pond, so should not turn a blind eye to this problem. The pond is not blooming, you need to avoid excess nutrients in the water. This effect is achieved using a moderate number of fish, moderate feeding, and must have pond plants. But if the pond turned green, there are medications emergency control of harmful algae. TetraPond AlgoRem does not contain harmful substances and do not directly kills harmful algae, and rolls them into biologically split apart, then you should remove the net. At critical distribution of harmful filamentous algae in the pond at your disposal TetraPond AlgoFin is an effective tool to combat algae.

Clean and healthy water is one of the most important conditions for life of animals and plants in the pond. Modern pond filters purify the water in the pond and allow to significantly improve its quality. Nearly all pond filters are equipped with UV sterilizer that cleans the water and reduces contamination by microorganisms, prevents algal blooms and destroys pathogens while consuming a small amount of power. Typically, pond filter purifies the water in three ways: mechanically (by trapping dirt particles in the sponge), biologically (splitting harmful to fish substances, such as ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, facilitates the maintenance of the pond), UV filter (to effectively remove bacteria and floating algae). There is also the pond filter collects dirt from the surface of the water (fallen leaves and other contaminants). The filter for your pond creates the desired flow of water and enrich the water with oxygen.

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