Among the fish, horror at the man, the most terrible is the white shark. But no less chilling stories to tell about the little fish-the piranha. In many legends she is able to strip a large animal in just half an hour. Only the water gets a drop of blood, piranha transforms into a crazed demon who hits on anything that he comes across.

Here it is — the famous and legendary piranha. A small fish, only some 20 cm, with purple (female) or blue-black (male) color. Can also be olive-silver or bright red. Nice fish? Believe me, it’s no longer be the case. Piranha known reputation of bloodthirsty fish. Just look at her strong jaw with many sharp, pyramidal teeth.

The name itself is fraught with danger. The word “piranha” is borrowed from South American Indians and means “sharp-toothed demon.” Indeed, the teeth they terrible. Jaw muscles are so developed that the piranha can to shave off the smallest piece. She does not tear the prey, and cut it in pieces, like a surgeon with a scalpel. The teeth are very sharp, no thick skin no protection. Adult piranha can bite a stick or a human finger. Piranha can even bite through steel. Piranhas are especially dangerous during the spawning season, when fish pair first, and later one male, guarding a clutch of eggs.

Piranesi family includes several species of raptors, and many herbivorous species. The most common is ordinary or, as some call it, the red piranha. It is prevalent in freshwater bodies of South America, almost universally found in the basins of the Amazon, Orinoco and La Plata. It can also be seen in the Eastern foothills of the Andes and Colombia, throughout the Amazon basin, in Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and northeast Argentina. Smallest population piranhas are also available in the United States and Mexico, in Europe, in Spain and other countries, where they were from Amateur aquariums.

The active young people, who often gathers in flocks. They constantly roam in search of food. Adult piranhas have a solid behavior: the majority of the time they are at their chosen place, sometimes hiding behind the driftwood or in the seaweed, i.e. prefer not to chase prey, and to greet her from the shelter.

Despite the fact that piranha are predators and have a reputation for “underwater wolves”, these fish are very shy and easily go into shock when frightened. With a sharp movement fish turns pale and falls sideways on the bottom, after some time, the fish wakes up, will start to swim as usual, and then look out, the piranha will defend and attack.

Huge flocks, they will attack any prey, tearing pieces of meat from the victim’s body, they are capable in a minute to clean up the skeleton of a large animal. These fish are attracted to the splashing of water and the smell of blood. Feeding piranhas — not a pretty sight. The water literally boils from scurrying around the fish. And the victim, surrounded by these predators, literally disappears.

Piranhas also show themselves as cannibal: can eat another piranha, hooked. Young piranhas can grab a piece of the fin from its neighbor during feeding. That is why it is very difficult to meet not crippled fish — almost all of them in wounds and scars.

There is no record that, when the piranha eat a person. However, each year about 80 people suffering from this predator. The wounds that remain after the teeth, a very serious and until the end never heal. The best thing is if after meeting with the piranhas will be only a scar. There are many cases when because of the piranha people lost some of their body parts — the finger and the whole hand or foot.

In some countries tried to destroy piranhas. In Brazil tried to poison her poisons, but piranhas are very hardy. As a result, piranhas have remained unscathed and suffered other inhabitants of reservoirs. But you cannot destroy the piranhas because they need the nature. Piranhas, like wolves, are the nurses kill more weak, sick and old. Thus, the population they make their victims stronger. And if you don’t want to be hit by the piranha, then just stay out of the water, if you know what they found there.

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