Mysteries and secrets of the Black sea

On 7 December 1990 a team of fishermen Karadag branch of Institute of southern seas biology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine went to sea to check the nets set to catch black sea rays.

Arrived on the scene about 12 o’clock noon and nachdi bulkhead of the network. A hundred and fifty meters the network was torn, and the fishermen decided that the formulation they threw his net over somebody else’s, and the owner of the lower network was forced to cut off the top to check. They came from the other end of the network and continued checking. When we went to oborvannaya the edge, then pulled to the surface Dolphin black sea bottlenose Dolphin size is about 230 cm, its tail was tangled in the net. Pulling a Dolphin at the prow of mottelugu, the fishermen found that the vykushen stomach of a Dolphin in one bite. The width of the bite in an arc of about 1 m. Along the edge of the arc on the Dolphin skin were clearly visible teeth marks. The size of the tooth trace of about 40 mm. the distance between the teeth marks about 15-20 mm. the Entire arc was about 16 of the teeth marks. The stomach of the Dolphin was vykushen with ribs, so that a clear view of the spine. In the region of head dangled the remains of light, which when lifting dripping blood. Teeth marks clearly visible on both sides, and were located symmetrically. Dolphin head was severely deformed, uniformly compressed on all sides, as if she was trying to push through the narrow opening. Continue reading


Among the fish, horror at the man, the most terrible is the white shark. But no less chilling stories to tell about the little fish-the piranha. In many legends she is able to strip a large animal in just half an hour. Only the water gets a drop of blood, piranha transforms into a crazed demon who hits on anything that he comes across.

Here it is — the famous and legendary piranha. A small fish, only some 20 cm, with purple (female) or blue-black (male) color. Can also be olive-silver or bright red. Nice fish? Believe me, it’s no longer be the case. Piranha known reputation of bloodthirsty fish. Just look at her strong jaw with many sharp, pyramidal teeth.

The name itself is fraught with danger. The word “piranha” is borrowed from South American Indians and means “sharp-toothed demon.” Indeed, the teeth they terrible. Jaw muscles are so developed that the piranha can to shave off the smallest piece. She does not tear the prey, and cut it in pieces, like a surgeon with a scalpel. The teeth are very sharp, no thick skin no protection. Adult piranha can bite a stick or a human finger. Piranha can even bite through steel. Piranhas are especially dangerous during the spawning season, when fish pair first, and later one male, guarding a clutch of eggs. Continue reading

How to make a pond for fish on the site

The pond is not recommended to build without waterproofing . especially when passing high groundwater, it will result in the flooding of your basements and nearby homes. The best solution for providing water retention and a comfortable living fish, is the creation of a reliable waterproofing of the pond, which also support the special composition of the water. Also in the reservoir is usually set biological balance that better not break.

The location of the pond should meet the requirements right balance of light and shadow with regard to the laws. Too lit place will become a prerequisite for a strong algal blooms that are not favourable for fish, because algae reduce the oxygen content in the water. Also it is impossible to build a pond in the shade – doesn’t hold useful aquatic plants. Optimum lighting time 5-7 hours Desirable location close to trees, as leaves will pollute the water. The leaves of many trees, such as poplar, chestnut, broom, Holly, Laurel, rhododendron, can cause poisoning of fish. And the aphids that live on them, can also affect aquatic vegetation.

The size of the reservoir must match the number of accommodating fish and plants. The minimum size, not allowing the water to completely freeze in winter: the surface area is 4 m2, depth 0.8 m. However, for breeding larger fish you will need a depth of 1 to1. 5 meters (for carp and crucian carp) or 2-2. 5 meters (sturgeon and trout). When breeding several varieties of fish the bottom you need to perform in the form of steps with an indentation to the middle of the pond. Continue reading

Catfish lane

Calligraphy catfish was opened in 1939. At first it is not called dual band, and tubular, or dugopolski.

As is the case with other aquarium fish, the breeders have selected many varieties of catfish lane, including Albinoni nearly devoid of pigmentation.

On the body of species belonging to the genera Brochis and Aspidoras (close relatives of the genus Corydoras, belongs to the two-lane catfish) also there are two rows of large scales – modified bone plates that protect the body of the fish from the teeth of predators. Because of this all these genera are known commonly as the armored catfish.

The spawning of the various species of catfish are similar, although the methods of fertilization of eggs is quite different. So, to fertilize the eggs, the female spotted catfish to its stigma attached to anus secrete milk male.

Some scientists believe that it swallows the seed, which passes quickly through the digestive tract intact and reaches the eggs, are currently the body of the fish. According to another theory sticky sperm flowing on the belly side of the fish into caviar through the anus. Continue reading

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd aquarium (Shedd Aquarium /John G. Shedd Aquarium) is an indoor public aquarium . located in Chicago, which was opened may 30, 1930. The aquarium has more than 25 thousand fish and is the first private aquarium containing such a huge collection of marine fish. The location of the Shedd Aquarium is very beneficial, because nearby are no less interesting buildings – Chicago Museum Campus, Adler Planetarium and Field Museum of Natural History. Shedd aquarium contains various types of fish, birds, snakes, marine mammals, total number of approximately 1500 different species.

The History Of Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd aquarium gave Chicago John G. Shedd, the President of “Marshall Field & Company”. Unfortunately, John G. Shedd could see only the design of the building drawn by the architect, completion of the construction of the John G. Shedd have not found, however, his widow, Mary R. Shedd, was done by her husband and in 1929 cut the ribbon at the official opening of the pool. The construction of the aquarium cost $3,000,000, and the first exhibition of the aquarium saw its visitors on may 30, 1930. From 1928 to 1964 the head of the aquarium was Walter Chute Continue reading

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