Glass catfish

His appearance glass catfish, certainly lives up to its name. The body of the catfish is almost completely transparent, can clearly see the skeleton and swim bladder, although other organs are Packed in front of the body, not visible.

In the body of these fish is the number melanophore (the cells containing color) is significantly reduced, because the muscle transparent and bright. In the skin of these fishes in addition to melanin (melanophore), there is another pigment: guanine, causing a metallic color. This pigment is formed inside the cell in the form of crystalline plates, which act as a mirror reecting the light and color of the habitat, making the fish very effectively disguised.

Kryptopterus dousy inhabits the waters of Sumatra, Java and Borneo and in the natural environment of this body structure helps fish to hide from predators. Glass catfish Ghost literally disappears in the murky water.

Body elongated and flattened laterally. Depending on the angle of incidence of light, the body can have a rainbow (blue) shades. In the upper jaw is a pair of antennae.

The Latin name of Kryptopterus describes the features of this exotic fish. Dorsal fin Krypto means hidden, pterus means the fin (or wing). Top fin only has single beam and most of the time close to the body hidden. Continue reading

Production ponds

We spend a lot of time in his garden, the cottage, the station. And sometimes we want on our property was a small pond. I wanted to fish. so we can sit in it and relax. after all, work is work, and life goes on.

On the shore of the pond we dream of a new life, when we have a lot of money and we will not afford anything to deny, and not spend all day long on the site and stand there in the pose of “the laundress” working the land.

Stop! Why not organize your small home based business. Why not make money for the wealthy and the middle part of the population of mini-ponds on their country plots. Why not fulfill their dream to have such a miracle of nature right at their summer cottage. So, the decision was made! You need to build your business by making mini-ponds. Where to start.

First of all it is necessary to solve to the place where is located the pond was clearly visible from the side of the house, and drop shadow from the trees would protect the pond from the scorching rays of the sun. The form layout of the pond produced by means of a cord. For the base of the pond you need to use plastic wrap. Continue reading

Fishing on the shores of Montenegro and on the high seas

There is a category of people that all activities prefer fishing. On this basis there are often problems in the family, when it comes time to leave. Because you will seldom meet a family idyll, when all family members love to fish. Most often wives and children require the head of the family beach and fun entertainment.

A great opportunity to spend the holiday with your family, while not forgetting about your favorite hobby, gives Montenegro.

Montenegro (English country name) is a picturesque small country in southeastern Europe located on the Adriatic sea. This country can be called the ecological oasis of Europe, where clear rivers and lakes surrounded by green meadows and majestic mountains.

For family holidays Montenegro can combine the beach and fishing.

Friendly attitude to Russian tourists, mass fishing hobby of the locals, the mild climate are the main advantages of holiday in Montenegro.

Anglers of different categories will be able to spend enjoyable hours with a fishing rod:

Fans of sea fishing will realize their dreams by catching sharks and Marlins,

but fans of coastal fishing in full “off” in the float for roach and mullet. Continue reading

Aquarium fish and their care

Breeding aquarium fish tion is extremely popular among those who like to create coziness in my house. It is beautiful, impressive, and most importantly – care for fish in an aquarium doesn’t require much time. And still at the stage of purchase and preparation of the aquarium, the acquisition of its inhabitants should make every effort then to fully enjoy this little miracle at home.

Don’t be surprised, but caring for fish in an aquarium begins with the acquisition thereof. It was the size and shape of the aquarium cause the comfort – therefore the quality and duration of its existence, fish.

Choosing the size and shape of the aquarium, remember:

– in aquariums of large dimensions, water is contaminated less frequently than in small;

– the size of the aquarium must be suitable for the number and size of fish that will inhabit larger fish, the larger should be the aquarium (so what fish will live in it, it is worth thinking in advance);

the form of aquarium also needs to match the fish, to be exact – landscape design, which is suitable for them (some fish can swim in a totally empty tank, others need seaweed and stones, the third is the soil at the bottom);

– the shape of the tank should allow the most easy and convenient to maintain it (clean, change the water) – therefore too bizarre proportions should be abandoned. Continue reading


The Koi pond is a reservoir in which is contained exclusively one species of fish – Koi. Koi is a Japanese species of carp. Two basic requirements for a pond of this type are that, firstly, you should create adequate conditions for the fish . and secondly the water in the pond should always be clean, so that you and your guests to enjoy the beauty of these fish. Close relatives of Koi can be called goldfish. Usually, Koi live in ponds of medium size. These fish are very demanding clean water. Visual (automatic) purity of water in your pond is not an indicator of water purity in General, as, for example, it may not grow algae on the basis of its toxicity.

First of all, the Koi pond is a system, and decorative detail has been the second. Have to balance the aesthetic side with the effectiveness of the support and filtration. Koi normally grow to 0.6-0.9 m. the Size to which fish will grow will depend on the size of the pond, aeration, water quality, and, of course, fish health. Itself koi fish are very hardy, and in addition, can withstand quite low temperature. Can koi live in the pond until the water starts to freeze. Very often in the same pond with these carp keep goldfish. The nature Koi are very peaceful. With regards to the demands of these fishes to clean water, it should be said, chlorinated water for them octopusy, and many young animals die in it. Continue reading

Aquarium fish and their care
Breeding aquarium fish is extremely popular among those who like to create coziness in my house. It is beautiful, impressive, and most importantly – care for fish in an aquarium…

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The sea aquarium.
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Trophy fishing fish
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