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Black sea

On the territory of the Big Sochi many attractions both historical and cultural, both natural and medicinal, but the most important still is our Black sea . To him every year receiving millions of tourists. From its mood – temperatures, purity of water, the unrest – largely depends on how successful will stay.

However, the sea is one of our most good in the world. It is moderately warm and not too salty, storms indulges not too often, but if and stormy, not too much, also hazardous for humans it is not found. Only now, all these delights appreciated by people, at least those representatives of humanity for whom the sea was not the birthplace. For example, the ancient Greeks initially gave the sea the name of our Pont Aksinsky . which means “inhospitable sea”, but it was in the days when they barely met him, and, most likely, negostepriimen was not the sea, and the inhabitants of the coast, who did not want shares the benefits of his existence with strangers. But after some time the Greeks have radically revised its attitude towards the Pontus and the epithet “Aksinsky” was replaced by ” euxinus “, which means hospitable.

Our sea is the young – to him, such as we know it, not yet passed and eight thousand years. However… Continue reading

Feeds and feeding

Good food for larvae and fry tetras is the brackish-water rotifer Brachionus brachionus plecatilis.

For cultivation used a plexiglass aquarium with a minimum capacity of 20 liters. It is filled mortar pharmacy sea salt (tablespoon with a litre of water), allow to settle for two days and placed in culture. At a temperature of 26-28 “C, mild aeration and feeding of the baking (hydrolyzed) yeast (teaspoon a day) manages to catch daily to a teaspoon of rotifers. The need for the next feeding it is easy to determine: water lighter. Once a month, half the solution is replaced by fresh. Collect “harvest” with the help of a net of dense gas. After washing in fresh water rotifers can be fed to the fish.

In the absence of brine shrimp eggs, you can use small harmless species of nematodes. Aquarists call it “micro worm”. For breeding you will need fotonovela, Petri dish or plate. In a container put a thin layer of nutrient medium (zamesheny boiling water on a paste of “Hercules” or oatmeal) and introduce a culture of worms (you can buy it on the market, pet shop or aquarium). Cover the container with glass and put in a warm place. “Hercules” and oatmeal, you can substitute grated carrots or beets. In this case, the feed turns fortified. After a week you can harvest the fruits with a soft brush, then rinse the glass with water. Dirty water with dregs is drained and washed with worms again. You can then feed the fish. Micro worm quickly sinks to the bottom, so when the feeding of larvae and fry, taking a feed in the upper water layers, it is desirable to apply the feeder-mesh. Once the need for a stern stop, dry the substrate and, if necessary, to resume use of culture. Continue reading

Com habits and lifestyle

This fish has several advantages: feels equally well in fresh and in salt water, fast growing, easily propagated, surviving in a crowded pond and can tolerate temporary decline of oxygen to 1 mg per liter. Everything else in the tenderness and taste of its meat is not inferior to the trout.

It is not surprising that channel catfish at home in the USA is one of the most popular fish for rearing in fish farms, where he was nicknamed “catfish” because of eight long whiskers, giving the resemblance of his face with cat. The body of the catfish is smooth, but there are strong and pungent rays in the dorsal and pectoral fins, which should beware – because all cats scratch.

Channel catfish usually reach maturity at 3-4-th year of life, reaching a mass of over 1 kg. the Main condition to start spawning is to increase the temperature to 25-30°. Working fecundity of females is 10 thousand eggs. To obtain 5 thousand fingerlings is sufficient to have two pairs of producers. Half the catfish are not difficult to identify. Males are always larger than females of the same age, and their skin color is noticeably darker. The head is more broad, massive, with well-marked muscular tubercles. Another distinctive feature is the protrusion of dense tissue in the anus – urogenitalnaya. Females before spawning the soft abdomen, genital region rounded, slightly reddened. Continue reading

The device of the ponds for growing fish food

For breeding and keeping fish can be used different reservoirs: dug, lined and instream ponds, small reservoirs and lakes, waste peat quarries, ponds and pools. The construction and operation of the reservoir, intended for farming, require compliance with certain rules in accordance with fish and hydraulic requirements. To begin to determine the uses of the water body, i.e., for decorative or plot for growing food fish it is intended. Depending on this will be determined and the device of the reservoir, its size, shape, depth, mode of operation.

The device of the reservoir for the cultivation of food fish is decorative. It has other requirements. In this reservoir, for example, are meaningless indented shore line, complicated bottom topography, the depth at the coast, decorative elements, placing on a bed of special soil. The main attention should be paid to the layout of the bed of the pond, provision of good water supply and the possibility of water discharge. Fish farming will be profitable if managed correctly will be resolved issues of construction and operation of the reservoir. When the device of the pond lot will be determined by the size of land that you can allocate for the pond. On the one hand, this was from the pond in the garden and the pond or group of ponds on the farm with zavolnovalis land area. If the garden area, the pond will be to some extent mainly to satisfy your own needs, the farmer must decide what place is the fish farming in agricultural production. Continue reading

Black Sea

I want to congratulate all of us living on the coast of the Black sea! Today, on the last day of October, marks the international Black sea day (International Black Sea Day). In 1996, on this day, the six black sea countries — Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine signed a “Strategic action plan on rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea”. This Plan was developed after a thorough research of the marine environment, which showed that its viability has deteriorated significantly in comparison with the previous three decades.

By tradition, on October 31 in the black sea countries carried out campaigns for cleaning beaches, and other environmental events. In Sevastopol environmentalists, together with young activists of the city conducted a “spring cleaning” of the banks in the Bay area Cossack… but if Black sea Day was celebrated not once a year, and all year round, and all the campers on its banks at least (at least!) left on the beaches the trash after his visit – and no stock to hold would not have!

Finally I will tell you a little bit curious about our sea.

The first mention of the Black sea are found in documents relating to the V century BC. It is on the Black sea, Jason and the Argonauts went to Colchis for the Golden fleece. 8000 years ago the Black sea was a huge freshwater lake like the Caspian sea-lake. Kohdamani the earthquake split the land, formed of the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey. Continue reading

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Feeds and feeding
Good food for larvae and fry tetras is the brackish-water rotifer Brachionus brachionus plecatilis. For cultivation used a plexiglass aquarium with a minimum capacity of 20 liters. It is filled…

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