Want fishing for predatory fish

We decided to go fishing on predatory fish. Where the usual predatory fish?

In the rivers and lakes are found everywhere. And in ponds everywhere, because artificial reservoirs found that fish that are bred there.

What we need fishing to catch predatory fish?

Predatory fish whimsical. She is caught is not the same throughout the year. Intensive feeding begins before spawning and from August until the first frosts. The rest of the time, the predator can also be caught, but very gently and mildly.

For catching of a predator on the rivers and lakes used a spinning rod and artificial bait. Among them the leaders of jigs and wobblers. Depending on the season of to catch a predator selects one or the other bait. If intensive feeding on almost any bait you can catch fish, at other times, lures are selected experimentally.

But for this you must have a whole Arsenal of lures. If the predator is very active and irritable, very good work lures citric, almost acid colors, if the predator is in the normal state average of irritation, the natural color is selected bait fish, which chinkaras in this pond. Continue reading

Treats from the deep sea

Not necessarily to live by the sea to clear the sea delicacies. A special taste of that with nothing to confuse, has crab meat, squid tentacles, mussels, laminaria and many other creatures and plants of the ocean depths. Beautifully arrange and serve these fabulous products need to be able to each owner.

Along with cheese. meat. fish plate is huge popularity and marine plate. Since then, as the wide spread of Japanese cuisine, sushi, rolls, sashimi and other seafood are the main holiday dishes of today. How to make beautiful and serve the deep Goodies?

Simple meals

The simplest is interestingly laid out on a platter of boiled or marinated shrimp, crabs, different shells, tentacles of squid and tiny octopus. For this, it is quite a large dish, put salad leaves, and the entire surface is beautifully laid out above specialties. Between them are placed the gravy boat with soy sauce or any other spicy Japanese or Korean spices, figuratively chopped vegetables and herbs.

The appearance of sea inhabitants are so unusual that collecting one dish several such representatives, You, without any additional ornaments and austere, krasivoe.zvonite it. Why are only small octopus or whole cooked shrimp. Continue reading

Dwelling fish

The fish lives in the water. Once the water is different in composition: fresh, sea, brackish sea. And the fish are conventionally divided “place of residence”.

Marine fish

Live in marine salt water. There are approximately 000 species of 11.6. They are divided into living in the water column (pelagic) – anchovies, mackerel, Bonito; living in the surface layers of the ocean – tuna, flying fish; bottom – stingrays, flounder, sculpin. There are also fish that live in coastal waters.

Freshwater fish

They live in fresh water: rivers, lakes, ponds. There are about 8 000 species.

Diadromous fishes

The so-called fish for life change dwelling place, move from seawater to freshwater for spawning (herring, sturgeon, salmon) or from fresh water floating in salt water in order to lay eggs, such as acne. Continue reading

Caution! The denizens of the deep

The most amazing thing is Black, the earth is no more sea, which would have two parts: oxygen and devoid of life – hydrogen sulphide. At the disposal of our aquatic animals and plants, only 13 percent of the volume of water. But what a variety! In the Black sea 185 species of fish! And how they want to see and even touch! Tourists buy the flippers, underwater masks and don’t know what a meeting with some sea views can cost them their lives.

The inhabitants of the Black sea is an integral part of the ecosystem and one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals for humans. Ate fried flounder – has improved the functioning of the brain. I fed the child with the liver of cod or sharks, so he has grown up, and your vision.

Large amounts of vitamin A. And during the second world war caught us by the liver to the sharks to feed. It’s like vitamins.

Galina Rasadkina, senior guide of the Sochi aquarium

The liver of the black sea Stingray in folk medicine is an excellent remedy for healing wounds and burns. And our dolphins are not only talented actors, but also professional doctors. There was even the term “Dolphin”. Continue reading

Aquarium fish.

The use of modern educational technologies: games technology student-centered teacher interaction with children.

Objectives: Consolidation and synthesis of the views of children about the inhabitants of the aquarium. To strengthen the understanding of children about what aquarium — a freshwater model of the reservoir. To consolidate children’s knowledge about the characteristics of the appearance of aquarium fish they need for life and movement under water. The ability to make comparative descriptive stories. The development of the grammatical structure of speech (the use of nouns with prepositions, enrichment of speech words – antonyms). Improving syntactical structure of speech (a compilation of difficult-composed sentences with adversative Union but). The development of coherent speech, General language skills, visual perception and attention. To raise the interest of the children to the aquarium and its inhabitants, a desire to watch the fish and their habits.

Refining, expanding and strengthening vocabulary: aquarium, aquarium fish, Valuehost, catfish, guppies, swordtail, female, male, snail, smooth, streamlined, torso, head,tail, fins, gills, scales.

Equipment: aquarium, aquarium fish, counting sticks, card-scheme.

The course

1. Organizational moment. The introductory talk. Chairs arranged in a semicircle in front of the aquarium so that all the children settled down close enough to him and could easily be monitored.

Children stand in a semicircle around the teacher. Continue reading

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