Mysteries and secrets of the Black sea

On 7 December 1990 a team of fishermen Karadag branch of Institute of southern seas biology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine went to sea to check the nets set to catch black sea rays.

Arrived on the scene about 12 o’clock noon and nachdi bulkhead of the network. A hundred and fifty meters the network was torn, and the fishermen decided that the formulation they threw his net over somebody else’s, and the owner of the lower network was forced to cut off the top to check. They came from the other end of the network and continued checking. When we went to oborvannaya the edge, then pulled to the surface Dolphin black sea bottlenose Dolphin size is about 230 cm, its tail was tangled in the net. Pulling a Dolphin at the prow of mottelugu, the fishermen found that the vykushen stomach of a Dolphin in one bite. The width of the bite in an arc of about 1 m. Along the edge of the arc on the Dolphin skin were clearly visible teeth marks. The size of the tooth trace of about 40 mm. the distance between the teeth marks about 15-20 mm. the Entire arc was about 16 of the teeth marks. The stomach of the Dolphin was vykushen with ribs, so that a clear view of the spine. In the region of head dangled the remains of light, which when lifting dripping blood. Teeth marks clearly visible on both sides, and were located symmetrically. Dolphin head was severely deformed, uniformly compressed on all sides, as if she was trying to push through the narrow opening. The eye was not visible, and the deformed part had belasyse, resembling the color of the fish taken from the stomach of other fish. Inspection Dolphin continued for more than three minutes. View Dolphin and current blood caused severe panic among the fishermen. One of them cut the net, the Dolphin fell into the sea, and the fishermen at full speed away from this area home.

I saw fishermen immediately upon their return from the sea, questioned in detail about the incident and according to their story, the artist made a sketch of what they had seen Dolphin. In the spring of 1991, the fishermen brought second Dolphin with similar teeth marks on the body. It was azovka the size of half a meter. Pulled it from the network, which was installed in approximately the same place as on 7 December 1990, this time the net was not torn, and most of the Dolphin was badly tangled in the net, wrapped up like a doll, so peeped out one head. Traces of three of the teeth were visible on the head of a Dolphin. They look exactly like teeth marks on the body of the bottlenose Dolphin.

Now, perhaps, it is appropriate to propose several hypotheses explaining the causes of death of dolphins and the origin of the marks on the dead dolphins. Most of the scientific staff of the Karadag, first and foremost zoologists, unanimously rejected the hypothesis that the cause of death of dolphins and source traces on their body is some living creature. The cause of death of dolphins, some of the members saw that the animals were faced with some technical device (the screw of the ship or a torpedo). Some of the staff still assumed that the reason and other could be other living creature. However, none of the known inhabitants of the Black sea could not get an opportunity to enter candidates for the role of “killer”. Moreover, even well-known inhabitants of the oceans, if they are guests in the Black sea, would be unable to leave the dolphins on the body of such traces.

And then it’s time to remember the legendary monster supposedly inhabiting the Black sea. The first mention of it occurs in Crimean legends. It is not forgotten in our time. Despite the fact that officially the information about him came to the discharge of bad sensations and the publication was not subject to, eyewitness accounts of meeting him on land and in the water near the Crimean coast appeared occasionally in the periodical press, especially published in the Crimea. We do not set ourselves the task to systematize all the information about the Crimean beast, mentioned in the publications of the periodical press, however, it should be recognized that actually recorded the deaths of two dolphins and marks on the body of these animals correspond to the information about the size and habits of Crimean monster. Maybe the time has come when scientists will reject skepticism or snobbery and carefully and objectively analyse at least those facts that are accidentally caught in their field of vision? Maybe there will come the time when they will become active to produce new facts about the Crimean monster?

The story and art of P. G Semenkova very interested in me. Together with Petr Grigorievich we went to some of his acquaintances, who had seen the mysterious monster. The correspondent of the newspaper “Sudaksky Vestnik” A. N. Ovchinnikov saw serpentine creature a few years ago in the sea, with a twenty-meter height of the Cape French. Rushed helter-skelter dolphins were running from this snake. According to Alexander Nikolaevicha, in the thirties the fisherman of Kuchuk-Lambat (now the Small lighthouse), the Tatar on a nationality, was faced in “stone chaos” with the serpent. Missing fishermen rescued him. However, he was paralyzed, and he died a month later. “Dog head” – he managed to utter before his death.

Ovchinnikov told the son of the deceased fisherman. Vladimir Mikhailovich Belsky, a senior official of the Executive Committee of Feodosiya city Council, 12 August 1992 15-16 in the evening bathed in the Cove on the Eastern shore of Cape Kiik-Atlama 1-2 km from his tip. The water temperature was about 23°. A good swimmer, he easily sailed 40 meters from the shore. The water depth reached 4 m. after Emerging, he looked around and, to his horror, he saw about 30 meters from the snake’s head, a huge head – up to half a meter; the neck was thinner – 30 see the Beast dived towards the swimmer. Then Vladimir broke away and looked out into the sea along the ridge of stones jumped onto the shore and hid behind the rocks. After a moment, in the place where he was, there was a head monster. Vladimir Mikhailovich saw him clearly, even saw the skin and Horny plates of gray on the head and neck. The overall feel is creepy. According to V. M. Belsky, a year before his encounter with the monster in the area died of a broken heart, a strong young man, a soldier, a master of sports in swimming, bathing there always. According to V. M. Kostyukov, thirty years worked as an inspector, one of the shepherds saw in the area of Chaudi at Cape Salar snake-like creature with a large head, the trunk of which resembled a pole. The dolphins are in panic disappeared when the serpent, writhing, began to approach him. The legend of snake is very common among the fishermen of the Eastern Crimea.

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