How to make a pond for fish on the site

The pond is not recommended to build without waterproofing . especially when passing high groundwater, it will result in the flooding of your basements and nearby homes. The best solution for providing water retention and a comfortable living fish, is the creation of a reliable waterproofing of the pond, which also support the special composition of the water. Also in the reservoir is usually set biological balance that better not break.

The location of the pond should meet the requirements right balance of light and shadow with regard to the laws. Too lit place will become a prerequisite for a strong algal blooms that are not favourable for fish, because algae reduce the oxygen content in the water. Also it is impossible to build a pond in the shade – doesn’t hold useful aquatic plants. Optimum lighting time 5-7 hours Desirable location close to trees, as leaves will pollute the water. The leaves of many trees, such as poplar, chestnut, broom, Holly, Laurel, rhododendron, can cause poisoning of fish. And the aphids that live on them, can also affect aquatic vegetation.

The size of the reservoir must match the number of accommodating fish and plants. The minimum size, not allowing the water to completely freeze in winter: the surface area is 4 m2, depth 0.8 m. However, for breeding larger fish you will need a depth of 1 to1. 5 meters (for carp and crucian carp) or 2-2. 5 meters (sturgeon and trout). When breeding several varieties of fish the bottom you need to perform in the form of steps with an indentation to the middle of the pond.

You must remember that aquatic plants vary in depth of growing . For example, deep-water plants such as the bog-man, tilley, Buttercup water Urrutia, Potamogeton, must be placed in the bottom of the bottom. They need depth is 1-3 meters. There are also shallow-water plants that grow at depths up to 0.4 meters, the stems rising above the water, for example, reed, rush, sedge. Perhaps the most visible and attractive are the water-floating plants with fixed roots in the soil at the bottom of nymphs (water lilies), potbelly, orontium, or free floating roots – duckweed, pemphigus, etc. For a small pond with an area of 4-6 m2 will be enough for about 10 of water plants, it is desirable for various purposes: to saturate the water with oxygen, spawn or food of fish.

You know, the deeper and larger the pond . the easier it establishes the biological balance of the ecosystem. It is better to develop plants that emit more oxygen, thereby creating favorable conditions for fish waste. If the pond begins to bloom, the amount of oxygen decreases, which is not acceptable for ihtiofauny. In this situation you can use the following methods of water purification:

irradiation of water by ultraviolet light;

mechanical cleaning – removal of unwanted algae even with the rake;

biological treatment of flow-through special filters.

So, with species of plants and fish decided . and therefore the location and depth of the pond sorted out. Now let’s create the reservoir. Waterproofing shall meet the requirements of security for fish. In the case of concrete waterproofing you need to process the walls of the reservoir with liquid glass, as concrete chips ruining the fish. Most appropriate in the given situation, the option is membrane waterproofing that ensures absolute water-resistant without being toxic to living organisms.

There are different kinds of films . different strength properties, and hence durability. Often used strong and elastic films with good resistance to mechanical damage and frost .

Performing waterproofing, planting the plants and running in the fish pond . do not forget about proper care for your Pets. In the warmer months the fish should be fed 2 times a day or, if this is not possible, put the food in special feeders. It can be grain, flour and special mineral additives. Autumn in the composition of complementary foods should include plenty of protein to prepare for winter. The colder the water, the food fish need less, so in the winter they do not eat.

Most importantly if it is freezing in the pond to make the hole . to the oxygen in and out of marsh gas, otherwise the fish will die. Again, not being able to monitor free space to fish, better to the bottom to install a special pump, which feeds a stream of warm boiling water, melt the ice and enriched with oxygen. Plants for the winter also submerged under water.

Spring is the best time to gradually start introducing the fish feed . from 1 times in 2-3 days.

In the summer you need to fill in the pond water . because strong evaporation occurs, but not more than 1/10 of the total volume per day. It is also important to clean water, particularly after the autumn leaf fall.

Not many people know about this, but fish can become ill, for example, intestinal parasites or measles.

Caring for the fish and the pond is not easy, but rewarding in the form of rest and good fishing.

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