Glass catfish

His appearance glass catfish, certainly lives up to its name. The body of the catfish is almost completely transparent, can clearly see the skeleton and swim bladder, although other organs are Packed in front of the body, not visible.

In the body of these fish is the number melanophore (the cells containing color) is significantly reduced, because the muscle transparent and bright. In the skin of these fishes in addition to melanin (melanophore), there is another pigment: guanine, causing a metallic color. This pigment is formed inside the cell in the form of crystalline plates, which act as a mirror reecting the light and color of the habitat, making the fish very effectively disguised.

Kryptopterus dousy inhabits the waters of Sumatra, Java and Borneo and in the natural environment of this body structure helps fish to hide from predators. Glass catfish Ghost literally disappears in the murky water.

Body elongated and flattened laterally. Depending on the angle of incidence of light, the body can have a rainbow (blue) shades. In the upper jaw is a pair of antennae.

The Latin name of Kryptopterus describes the features of this exotic fish. Dorsal fin Krypto means hidden, pterus means the fin (or wing). Top fin only has single beam and most of the time close to the body hidden.

Optimal temperature 23 to 28°C. the Aquarium is better to equip, mimicking the natural habitat (streams and rivers with running water). To do this, use a large number of living plants, it is also necessary to organize an open space for swimming and a stream moving along the entire length of the tank. A small amount of floating plants will give the fish a sense of security, as well as create shaded areas that they love in the wild. This is a very sensitive species to water purity, because filtering must be efficient, desirable regular water change. Glass catfish do not like very bright light, so they are more active in the shaded areas of the aquarium.

These original fish feel better in a flock. One by one they’re going to eat, constantly hide and look like they will be not so effectively. In a group of 4-6 pieces of glass catfish behave with confidence, ease and swim in the middle layers in the center of the aquarium. Catfish are perfectly small tabanico in plain sight, not hiding, and create a stunner! Glass catfish do not have regular habits of catfish. They don’t dig and not waste.

Prefer live and frozen foods such as Kaletra, bloodworm and Daphnia, but also appetite eat small pellets and flakes. Glass peaceful, quiet, somewhat inhibited day Wake up like fish at feeding time, a bullet flying up to the feeders and sweep away the food. Unlike most other catfish, they swim and feed in the water column. And the remnants of cereal from the bottom will pick up snails or bottom fish.

Catfish-ghosts – peaceful fish, even a little fearful. They best chuvstvuyut yourself with peaceful fish about their size. It can be Tetras, Rasbora, Rainbow fish, gourami, Danio, Catfish, tetras hiding Loricaria, Botia Viviparus and dwarf cichlids. They better not be kept with large, aggressive fish. Glass fish (Glass Catfish) love to swim in the company of their own kind, so we recommend to have at least 4-5 pieces, and preferable a group of 10-12 individuals.

Here are some points which should pay attention when you first check glass catfish to Your aquarium. After arriving in new home glass catfish can sink to the bottom and lie on its side. Don’t panic! They are just stressing me a bit. Once they get comfortable in a new environment the catfish will rise from the bottom and begin to swim throughout the volume. Stress level initial resettlement can be significantly reduced if we release these fish in a dark aquarium. Glass catfish prefer dim lighting and will be less panicky if they will get acquainted with the dark aquarium.

About breeding Kryptopterus bicirrhis little information. Very rarely achieved in aquaria, though rearing a certain number of fish produced in the far East fisheries. In nature, reproduction is a seasonal process, so simulating conditions of the rainy season, can cause a female to reproduce. By lowering the water temperature a few degrees to 22-24°C, to lower the water level in the tank up to half. And every day add small portions (5-10%) soft water. To stimulate spawning, it is desirable to feed the fish lots of live feeds. In the process of spawning, the female spawns up to 150 eggs on leaves of plants. Immediately after spawning producers seeded. The eggs incubated for 5-7 days, after which the fry begin to swim and eat live dust.

After spawning the parents must be out. Simulation of the rainy season will help to develop the eggs. Starter feed for fry will be encapsulated Artemia.

The lifespan of kryptopterus doush in aquarium conditions is about 5 years.

Fossil meals predisposed to the disease. Lesions of the skin treated with articlenum (70-150 mg/l) for 7-14 days.

In Asian cuisine the phantom catfish is a major ingredient of some fish sauces, but the large field has no value.

Glass catfish
His appearance glass catfish, certainly lives up to its name. The body of the catfish is almost completely transparent, can clearly see the skeleton and swim bladder, although other organs…

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