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The fishing calendar “Year on year is not necessary” — says the proverb, i.e., the onset of the various phenomena of nature are not constant from year to year have changed. For example, the rivers shall be opened always at the beginning of the rapid melting of snows, which happens in mid-March, in April. Every year, at different times wakes up and stops the plant world, come and go, many birds, etc., Fishermen have long noticed the undeniable connection fish life with the phenomena of nature. In this calendar I am trying to reasonably associate sports fishing for freshwater fish with natural phenomena. further

When the fish pecks is better? Many experienced anglers have repeatedly pointed out that fish throughout the year, fed with different intensity. So, Sabaneyev wrote: “one thing is certain — that the majority of fish feeds, and therefore. more>>>

Homemade compound wooden Wobbler. The manufacture of crank. subsequently, this type of lure took one of leading places in Dorokhovo and artificial lure fishing big fish. A feature of this Wobbler is its buoyancy and a decent weight. further

Bait for fishing. Cooking millet porridge Method prigotovlenii. Taken metal jar with lid, half filled with wheat and filled to the top with water.

Fishing for perch Although perch are found in almost all bodies of water, finding them is often difficult. Since bass rarely goes out alone and offer to use to search for fish hagene. Hagane snap — in. further

Catching fish with the help of transparent float water ball When ASP is hunting, his fight can be determined by numerous spikes. Here he is at a glance! But to catch a fast predator is not so easy. Maybe you can help these tips. more>>>

Fishing for catfish “Kwok” If you want to go trophy catfish fishing, you should prepare well for it. We’ll give you some tips that will help to cope even with very large instance. further

Flies for a spinning You are spinning, but would like to try to catch on the fly, because the “hardware” nothing happens? Then you only need a light spinning, a small transparent water bead, fishing line diameter of 0.20 to 0.22 mm and two or three wet flies. The advantage of this tooling is that you do not need to practice casting a fly rod. more>>>

The rig is baited for pike there is No simpler and more efficient way than a spinning rod-fishing with dead fish. Introducing the rope for catching of a pike, which bears the name of Englishman Jim Vincent. Snap-in Jim Vincent’s consists of a minimum of parts. Material losses when hooked remain within reasonable limits, as parts of snastochki be comparatively inexpensive. further

Catching fish at the water surface. Surface fishing With bottom often occurs because there rushes in search of food most of the fish. In the summer try to fish near the surface, where fish collect floating food particles. Horse to catch a fish, you do not need some clever mounting. further

Bait for predators. Nozzles from fish Predators are good at attracting nozzles of freshwater and marine fish of various kinds. In the menu of all predators of small fish occupies an important place. But first to catch her. The easiest thing to do with a light rod or lift. In perspective places the net is lowered into the water, wait a few minutes, and then raise along with the prey. Bait of slightly moistened bread crumbs, or powdered milk attracts fish trifle to the lift. The little thing caught and the fishing rod with a blank snap-in. further

Trolling. Catching pike trolling In Russia has long been caught a pike on the track. But lately, for the transaction of the spinner by means of moving the boat there are many sorts of technical devices, and the method of fishing was called tricky word “trolling”. further

Fishing for bass with hydro. The method of plumb. The perch fishing running by ground Spring is a very promising season for catching of perches of different sizes, and one of the most efficient places are the waters near hydraulic structures. In the spring, during the spawning season, schools of perch of different sizes are often concentrated near the bridges or of old piles, sluices, piers, seawalls, dams, water reservoirs and other hydraulic structures. further

Spring attachments for fishing no matter How perfect was float tackle, it ends all the same hook. And the hook need something to stick. So, the nozzle, which can be recommended for spring fishing. more>>>

How to sharpen the knives of the ice in the winter to pull fish from a frozen pond, you must have a good ice screw with sharp knives. On lakes the ice pick knives stay sharp for a long time. But on rivers type Akhtuba and Volga, where the ice in many alluvial sand, knives become dull instantly. The day you have to change 2. 3 pairs of knives. In short, to sharpen knives for ice screws is necessary after each fishing on the river. further

Homemade universal holder for fishing rods or spinning rod found the mount design of the rod, equally suited for fishing from the shore and from boats. It ended up that I developed the design of the universal mount not only fishing rods, but spinning, which is easy to make at home. This makeshift holder for spinning rods and use for many years, very pleased with it, so take the liberty to recommend it to lovers of the fishing. further

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