Fish of the red sea

Among all the information about Hurghada and the reviews on its hotels, unconditionally single, which enjoys great popularity among tourists. Of course, this is Ali Baba Palace . Any network-accessible information about Hurghada to confirm your guess: Yes, this really is one of the most popular hotels among visitors. And for good reason! However, whether it is worthy asking prices for accommodation and needless to stay if you want a perfectly comfortable stay? We will try to understand.

Components of comfort in Ali Baba Palace – same as in some other hotels. Kitchen, the convenience and design of the rooms, the staff, extra services, proximity to the sea, the opportunities good fun. This information about Hurghada and hotels available in the network, and everyone can read reviews of Ali Baba Palace and each of these points. First of all, it is worth noting that Ali Baba Palace hotel for the family. A huge number of children’s entertainers, special pool for kids, a children’s room – all this speaks in favor of choosing Ali Baba Palace, hotel, visit with the kids. But do not think that for adults it will not work! No, for young people and older people have a range of options for leisure time – from sportinterproekt to beauty treatments in excellent SPA, from logic games like chess to active with the entertainers, discos restaurants – all offering Ali Baba Palace.

The room Fund of diverse and offers options for economy and luxury suites for every taste and budget. If you assume that all of the time will be spend at sea (distance to the beach, by the way – about two hundred meters, which is a very convenient option), or by the pool, you can choose the room category “economy” – even in these rooms still have everything you need to relax, but if anything and will not be – the staff will quickly respond to the request to bring.

There is the hotel Ali Baba Palace and drawbacks – among them, users will find the kitchen which is quite weak. So the best option is to take room without Breakfast and paid to go to the bakery and the restaurants in which the food is not the best example. You may overpay a bit but then rest in the hotel Ali Baba Palace will show you a truly Paradise!

Should go and try whether information about Hurghada says the truth, and Ali Baba Palace – best hotel in Egypt?

Among the numerous hanging options in Hurghada I would like to elaborate a bit on outdoor activities. Holidays in Hurghada can be arranged in different ways, someone with a great pleasure to find a quiet rest by the pool, SPA, and night Hiking to a disco or a restaurant, and someone will seem boring and will have your argument. These people come here for impressions from the sea, from the magical red sea with its extraordinary beauty. This category of tourists will not sit all day in hotels, preferring a quiet holiday diving or fishing trips to the “Safari” which is so famous Egyptian resorts. Craving for new sensations obtained when fishing sea trophy once, forcing many to return once again in the hospitable Egypt, as well as the thrill of scuba diving and meeting with the inhabitants of the red sea. It is no secret that in Egypt, with its beautiful sea perhaps some of the best places to go scuba diving (well, except that the Great barrier reef can compete for the championship.), exactly the same as for sea fishing. Fishing in Egypt –a topic of conversation and I will write later. Here I’d like to introduce you to the inhabitants of the red sea.

Fish of Egypt, or rather the fish of the red sea are striking in their splendor, with their whimsical shapes, bright colors and have incredibly high species diversity.Not being an expert ichthyologist simple tourist it is difficult to Orient in all this splendor encountered divers and divers. But I am sure that is a wonderful looking photo of fishes of the red sea You will want to come here and see with your own eyes. Particularly rich underwater world of coral reefs,where you can meet the most bizarre and beautiful fish of the red sea ( clown fish, lionfish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, platax, zabrosom, surgeon fish, various species of wrasses and groupers, puffer fish and many others.)

Kabubu of the red sea – one of my favorite fish, peaceful, can be kept in aquariums.It was there, and met this fish many fans for the first time, in Hurghada it is possible to see in the wild.

And this is one of interesting representatives of clown fish, several species of clowns, but more interestingly, clown fish lives in symbiosis with Actinia –predatory organism protects the clown fish with its stinging cells. Among other things also contain in aquariums, so go for it!

Zebrasoma –interesting,colorful fish of the red sea.On the presented photo is very similar to the yellow zebrasoma, one of the most common fish in marine aquariums. Fish are able to fill any aquarium with positive…

But this representative will determine I outright failed, something similar to fish the soldier, but still not it…Can anyone tell the readers what the fish of the red sea in the photo..

Imperial angel is a wonderful fish! In natural conditions it is just gorgeous. And in aquariums it is also good… But not simple in content, and often does not reach such brilliance as in the wild…

Lionfish-Zebra (lat. Pterois volitans) (lion fish) –predatory and dangerous fish :hungri: family scorpaenidae. Has a poisonous needle, which strikes its victims. Interesting and unusual fish.

Surgeon fish (Acanthurus sohal) is one of the trademarks of the red sea. The name comes from the presence of sharp fin, which is an effective weapon. Kept in captivity in large aquariums, because the fish are very territorial, and can behave quite aggressive. Well, in nature –he is handsome. To describe all the fishes of the red sea in one article is impossible,and not put such purpose. But to visit Egypt and to look into its underwater beauty perhaps

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