Feeds and feeding

Good food for larvae and fry tetras is the brackish-water rotifer Brachionus brachionus plecatilis.

For cultivation used a plexiglass aquarium with a minimum capacity of 20 liters. It is filled mortar pharmacy sea salt (tablespoon with a litre of water), allow to settle for two days and placed in culture. At a temperature of 26-28 “C, mild aeration and feeding of the baking (hydrolyzed) yeast (teaspoon a day) manages to catch daily to a teaspoon of rotifers. The need for the next feeding it is easy to determine: water lighter. Once a month, half the solution is replaced by fresh. Collect “harvest” with the help of a net of dense gas. After washing in fresh water rotifers can be fed to the fish.

In the absence of brine shrimp eggs, you can use small harmless species of nematodes. Aquarists call it “micro worm”. For breeding you will need fotonovela, Petri dish or plate. In a container put a thin layer of nutrient medium (zamesheny boiling water on a paste of “Hercules” or oatmeal) and introduce a culture of worms (you can buy it on the market, pet shop or aquarium). Cover the container with glass and put in a warm place. “Hercules” and oatmeal, you can substitute grated carrots or beets. In this case, the feed turns fortified. After a week you can harvest the fruits with a soft brush, then rinse the glass with water. Dirty water with dregs is drained and washed with worms again. You can then feed the fish. Micro worm quickly sinks to the bottom, so when the feeding of larvae and fry, taking a feed in the upper water layers, it is desirable to apply the feeder-mesh. Once the need for a stern stop, dry the substrate and, if necessary, to resume use of culture.

As vegetable you can use crumbs of stale white bread, scalded with boiling water oatmeal and semolina (after that it should be washed with water), lettuce, Wolfie, dandelion. Some fish eat the young leaves of aquatic plants, algal fouling.

Predatory species eat small fish, fish fillets, and lean meat, cut in pieces. Large piranha can be given little mice. Long-term feeding only the meat of warm-blooded animals can cause fish diseases, and in the untimely transfer of fish – the death of your Pets.

I want to warn those who are able in some way to obtain industrial fish feed. Its value is much lower products for aquarium fish. However, the shelf life it is extremely small, and by the time food gets to you, and no need to worry. In addition, the composition of fish feeds not suitable for most aquarium fish, leading to disruption of metabolism and, consequently, to premature death of your Pets.

The industry produces a large number of combined aquatic feed. In most cases they have more or less the same composition, differing only flavors or products that will improve the coloration. Therefore, it is best to use the products of well-known companies, not saving money on cheap products. When buying, pay attention to the package integrity and shelf life. You should not buy food for future use. Better take one jar, and just before the food is finished, buy a new one.

I prefer to give their fish feed Wardley American firms from the TEN. This abbreviation stands for “Total Essential Nutrition” (Russian translation – Full Required Power). Despite the high cost, their quality is very high, and due to the special design of unopened jars of food long. Feed series TEN are brown, practically odorless cylinders and contain stabilized vitamin C and a multivitamin Supplement Wardtech.

“Community of TEN” – food with high content of protein intended for the feeding of most tropical aquarium fish. This food is well balanced in nutrient content, different high content of protein and multivitamin supplements as well as krill and natural pigments. All of this rich, but complex strongly increases the tone of the fish and makes their color more saturated. The granules may, not sprawling, more than a day to float on the water surface. In dry form they are hard to the touch, becoming wet, becoming the consistency of rubber. If swollen granules crush, they are divided into parts and drowning, For most described in this book of fish suitable sizes “mini” and “small” (for more Krupnikov). Even after prolonged stay in the water feed does not deteriorate, and the water remains clear. And it does not cause allergic reactions in people. Large granules are easy to grind, for example, using the grinder (one of those “floating” food becomes in “sinking”).

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