Caution! The denizens of the deep

The most amazing thing is Black, the earth is no more sea, which would have two parts: oxygen and devoid of life – hydrogen sulphide. At the disposal of our aquatic animals and plants, only 13 percent of the volume of water. But what a variety! In the Black sea 185 species of fish! And how they want to see and even touch! Tourists buy the flippers, underwater masks and don’t know what a meeting with some sea views can cost them their lives.

The inhabitants of the Black sea is an integral part of the ecosystem and one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals for humans. Ate fried flounder – has improved the functioning of the brain. I fed the child with the liver of cod or sharks, so he has grown up, and your vision.

Large amounts of vitamin A. And during the second world war caught us by the liver to the sharks to feed. It’s like vitamins.

Galina Rasadkina, senior guide of the Sochi aquarium

The liver of the black sea Stingray in folk medicine is an excellent remedy for healing wounds and burns. And our dolphins are not only talented actors, but also professional doctors. There was even the term “Dolphin”.

However, some residents of the deep sea in danger of burns, headache, heart pain and even death. We ranked the most dangerous for human inhabitants of the Black sea. 5 – shark-Katran. But, attention! To bite, much less eat it you cannot. The only danger – panic man’s fear of sharks. Fourth place was the jellyfish. After the storm at sea, you can meet not only normal Aurelie, they look like a saucer, but the jellyfish-kornerot. It looks like a mushroom. Its tentacles are equipped with poison. If, as it passed, you accidentally touched a jellyfish – will receive burn. However, he is like a nettle sting and goes away quickly. But Aurelia, which the kids usually play in the sea, not so harmless.

Kids often throw them at each other. This mucilage, which they contain, to paralyze the victim, it is harmful to humans. If this slime, God forbid, get into eyes or sensitive bodies, it is very difficult to wash off. Hissing, it hurts, I want to warn you not to touch.

Galina Rasadkina, senior guide of the Sochi aquarium

Bronze gets favorite Housewives of sea ruff, or the Scorpion. The fish is not of beauties. Head covered with protuberances, bulging eyes, mouth with sharp teeth. Instead of a dorsal fin – spines, at the base of each has a poison gland.

When you get a ruff – a Scorpion, wear gloves or take by the tail and need to cut off the top fin. Because iron is toxic at the top is his defense. When people nakalyaetsya incredibly blown up hand pain with these scary and painful sensations during the week.

Galina Rasadkina, senior guide of the Sochi aquarium

The Scorpion is dangerous not only to the sluggishness of the fishermen, but also for fans to explore the seabed. Reached into a crevice between rocks, and instead of crabs there may be poisonous ruff. Second place goes to the black sea Stingray or sea cat. The adult reaches two meters in length. In his Arsenal a real sword – tail as a whip. Has accurately and in pain.

Why is the cat called. When he lying in wait, he sits on the tail and jumps like a cat on a mouse. Got someone a blow of the tail, very strong, and the needle went straight into the heart muscle, and so, if to prick, it’s just painful.

Galina Rasadkina, senior guide of the Sochi aquarium

The obvious leader is the sea dragon. This is the only fish in the Black sea, from the poison which a person may die. Deadly spike growing out of the Gill cover. From the first shot there is a growing headache, disturbed breathing, paralysis of limbs and loss of speech. If after meeting with the sea dragon will be able to save a man’s life, the malaise will last at least a month. And although it lives at depths, it happens that it throws at Buna. And then bad things can happen.

Do not touch them, and they won’t touch you – those are the rules of peaceful coexistence. Fish dangerous when protected. Went fishing? Tack gloves. To confuse a harmless flounder with a poisonous sting is not so difficult. Decided to cook soup with sea perch? Cut the head and remove the fins. But if you do become the victim of poisonous fish, immediately contact a doctor!

The patient to get out of the sea, put into the shade, to handle the bite, wash with warm water. If possible, to impose the injection site with ice. The simplest de-panthenol is a medicine in the form of a spray, ointment. Applied in a thin layer on the skin and removes all of the inflammatory response.

Victoria Bebeshko, pediatrician

Symptom of poisoning with poison of sea perch is a common allergic reaction. Therefore, the only pills which can help antihistamines. Also, try to remove debris from the fins of the wound and treat it with alcohol or potassium permanganate.

However, no matter what do not give up swimming. After all, the main danger is not poison fish, and simple human curiosity. Do not grab their hands, do not pull the tail, poke with a stick and not allow children to play with jellyfish. But if you or your child got to hold a jellyfish, even the harmless, be sure to wash your hands. Happy summer!

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