Black sea

On the territory of the Big Sochi many attractions both historical and cultural, both natural and medicinal, but the most important still is our Black sea . To him every year receiving millions of tourists. From its mood – temperatures, purity of water, the unrest – largely depends on how successful will stay.

However, the sea is one of our most good in the world. It is moderately warm and not too salty, storms indulges not too often, but if and stormy, not too much, also hazardous for humans it is not found. Only now, all these delights appreciated by people, at least those representatives of humanity for whom the sea was not the birthplace. For example, the ancient Greeks initially gave the sea the name of our Pont Aksinsky . which means “inhospitable sea”, but it was in the days when they barely met him, and, most likely, negostepriimen was not the sea, and the inhabitants of the coast, who did not want shares the benefits of his existence with strangers. But after some time the Greeks have radically revised its attitude towards the Pontus and the epithet “Aksinsky” was replaced by ” euxinus “, which means hospitable.

Our sea is the young – to him, such as we know it, not yet passed and eight thousand years. However…

Anyway, the prehistory of the Black sea goes into globocassidulina, as much as 250 million years ago. In those days the Mediterranean, Marmara, Black, Azov, Caspian and Aral sea were a single entity and was a vast prehistoric sea, called by geologists in honor of the goddess, titanid, daughter of Uranus and Gaia, wife and sister of God the Titan Tethys Ocean . Hundreds of millions of years nothing disturbed the calm waters of the Tethys . But somewhere around thirteen million years ago from the deep began to climb the Alps that divided the water for two sea – Western, which is now called the Mediterranean and the East, including the current of the Black, Azov, Caspian and Aral scientists and named the Sarmatian . Even then, shyly towered over the Sarmatian sea to the small Islands – the future of the Caucasus mountains. Land was rising not only in the Alps, and after some five million years, the Aral sea became a separate water body, the Caspian and the Black sea almost seven million years continued to be a single entity, the so-called Pontic sea .

And now, somewhere a million years ago small Islands scattered in the Pontic sea gathered itself together and rose up in all its glory by the mighty Caucasus. dividing the waters of the Black and Caspian seas. However, seas are not quite correct, because the connection with the ocean, they had not, and therefore would be more precise to call them lakes.

For hundreds of thousands of years of huge freshwater lake – the current Black sea was repeatedly connected to the Mediterranean, but steadily rising again drying their shared waters. The last reunion took place about eight thousand years ago and remained in the memory of mankind. Scientists believe that this event is the Biblical Great Flood.

The edge of the freshwater lake water was nine kilometers away and a hundred fifty meters below its current level. And then one day because of the strong earthquakes of the globe split what is now the Bosphorus Strait and waters of the Mediterranean sea rapidly flowed into a freshwater lake. Their onslaught was so powerful that in just thirty days nine kilometres of land around the perimeter was the sea.

Hundreds of millions of years of water present in the Black sea . then dividing, by reuniting with the ocean, through the Mediterranean, constantly changing its chemical composition. Besides so often (of course by the standards of Earth’s history) and so sharply that the animal and vegetable world was literally dead at one point, and then the new born is completely different. The remains of the deceased flora and fauna settled to the bottom and decompose there without access of oxygen, forming the bottom layer of hydrogen sulfide.

Myths of different Nations unanimously bind sulfide with life of all sorts of creatures – serpents, dragons, demons and other evil spirits. So no wonder the epics are unanimous: the black sea the depth of the main dwelling.

The last seven or eight thousand years the Black sea is competing with the Caucasus mountains in the rate of growth. It should be noted that it was undisputed leader, raising the level by 20-25 cm over a hundred years, whereas the mountains in the same term added in height to a maximum of 5 centimeters.

To predict its future history is not easy, because to purely natural factors, influencing all the parameters of the Black sea – the shape and size of the water area, water chemistry, etc. – added another: human economic activity. It would seem that where the little man to global geological processes of the earth? But no! The scale of changes from our seemingly tiny life, particularly prosperous after the victory of the str, is comparable to the earthquake that gave rise to the Bosphorus. But such large-scale natural event now 7-8 thousand years is not repeated, and we have enough “energy, effort and ingenuity” almost every year to organize another disastrous spectacle of ecology. But even if we turn away from the extravagant antics of men, and to plunge into the everyday routine, and here our Black sea wonders, what is going on. But it is not the smallest part of the ecosystem of the Earth. From its state depends not only on the number of tourists in coastal resorts, the well-being of Maritime transport and fishing, but this in itself is not enough.

Black sea – the hospitable sea! God forbid that not “until”, and for many, many times. Although, there is no God? Of course not all, but a lot depends on us, from people whose economic activity is notorious for its “effectiveness” repeatedly ahead of natural processes. However, in God there is hope: you may change your mind?

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