Black Sea

I want to congratulate all of us living on the coast of the Black sea! Today, on the last day of October, marks the international Black sea day (International Black Sea Day). In 1996, on this day, the six black sea countries — Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine signed a “Strategic action plan on rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea”. This Plan was developed after a thorough research of the marine environment, which showed that its viability has deteriorated significantly in comparison with the previous three decades.

By tradition, on October 31 in the black sea countries carried out campaigns for cleaning beaches, and other environmental events. In Sevastopol environmentalists, together with young activists of the city conducted a “spring cleaning” of the banks in the Bay area Cossack… but if Black sea Day was celebrated not once a year, and all year round, and all the campers on its banks at least (at least!) left on the beaches the trash after his visit – and no stock to hold would not have!

Finally I will tell you a little bit curious about our sea.

The first mention of the Black sea are found in documents relating to the V century BC. It is on the Black sea, Jason and the Argonauts went to Colchis for the Golden fleece. 8000 years ago the Black sea was a huge freshwater lake like the Caspian sea-lake. Kohdamani the earthquake split the land, formed of the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey. He connected the lake to the Mediterranean sea. And then here gushed millions of cubic metres of sea water. Scientists do not exclude, what exactly this disaster described in the Bible as the flood.

The greatest depth of the Black sea is 2210 meters, while the average is about 1240 meters; the area of the Black sea scientists are still undecided: according to one source, it is 422 km2, on the other — 436,4 thousand km2. The greatest length of the sea from North to South — 580 km On the Black sea has almost no tides due to weak exchange of water with the Atlantic ocean.

The black sea is able to freeze completely. But the last time it happened in the XVII century, the Mountains around the Black sea are constantly rising, and the sea itself increases. And if the mountains grow only a few inches per century, sea occurs at a speed of 20-25 cm over 100 years. A characteristic feature of the Black sea is complete (except some bacteria) absence of life at depths greater than 150-200 m. the fact that the deep layers of the Black sea is saturated with hydrogen sulphide. In the Black sea is home to over 2500 species of animals. It is very small (for comparison, in the Mediterranean sea is home to about 9,000 species) Of planktonic algae found in the Black sea, there is a very unusual view nochesvetka. She has the ability to Postretirement, and because of it in August, the Black sea is sometimes lit. The only shark inhabiting the Black sea is Katran. However, for humans it is not dangerous, unnecessarily afraid of them and rarely comes to shore. The only danger to humans represent the dorsal fins of Katran, which is equipped with poisonous spines. The most dangerous fish of the Black sea is a sea dragon (by the way, the symbol of this year in the Japanese calendar – the water dragon). The spines of its dorsal fin and Gill covers contain a strong poison. Dangerous black sea Scorpion fish and Stingray with poisonous spines on the tail, which is called the fish-cat. The black sea is the champion among all the seas of the world in the number of names. The first ancient Greek the name of the sea — Pont Aksinsky, meaning “Inhospitable sea”. It is assumed that the sea was named so because of difficulties with navigation. Later, more successful Greek colonists gave the name of the sea Pontus euxinus, or “Hospitable sea”. In Russia in X-XVI centuries it was called “Scythian sea.” The Arabs called him or White Russians, in the East of Sudak. Yet it was the Cimmerian sea, Taurian, Crimean, Slavic, Greek, Georgian, Armenian. The modern name of the earliest sources refer to the XIII century, although there are preconditions that it had used before. One of many hypotheses is that the Turks who tried to conquer the coast, were met with fierce resistance from the local tribes, and received the nickname sea Karadeniz — Black, inhospitable. The second theory is based on the fact that in the Black sea, like no other, a lot of hydrogen sulfide. Its properties make metal objects dropped in the water black. Black anchors that are raised from the bottom of the sailors, gave their name to the sea. There is still conjecture about the black sludge that remains on the shore after the storm, about themselves severe storms that make the water dark. Physicians say that the Black sea is considered to be one of the most comfortable seas to treat various diseases. It is not too salty, the water density is less than in many other seas, it is not necessary to constantly wash off (it does not irritate the skin). That is why the treatment of skin diseases, doctors recommend to carry out on its banks – it is soft, but at the same time, full of useful elements water perfectly heals and regenerates the skin. The unique composition of the black sea water is close to the microelement composition of human blood, that is why the sea copes with diseases of the cardiovascular system. The effect on the heart and blood vessels also provides the sulfide of the deep sea – in large quantities it is dangerous to life, but small concentrations contained in surface waters, and stimulate the circulatory system.

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